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GPX Group Blog

GPX Group Blog

  • Retail sign holders at Wrights GPX Plastics

    Retail sign holders holds prints in place so that you can promote and advertise in the most efficient way possible. Most sign holders are made from plastic, usually acrylic or PVC. A sign holder can be wall mounted, hanging or freestanding and are often seen in shops, offices, reception and waiting areas, hotels and catering locations.

    The term sign holders and posters holders are often used interchangeably. Sign holders tend to be smaller than poster holders as they are used to hold notices, prices, menus and statutory information. Poster holders are larger, usually A3 size and bigger, and are used to display larger posters, photographs, imagery and notices.


    Choosing sign holders

    Retail sign holders include traditional framed print holders or snap frames but increasingly they refer to a plastic sleeve in which the poster is placed. 

    PVC sign holders are the cheapest option.  PVC offers less clarity than acrylic and is brittle and liable to break or crack if dropped but for day-to-day use for sign holders that are not required for aesthetic purposes they are ideal.

    Acrylic sign holders offer greater clarity, durability and UV resistance. Although perhaps twice the cost of their PVC equivalent, they are still inexpensive and are the most popular choice.


    Types of retail sign holders

    Here at Wrights Plastics GPX, we have many different types of retail sign holders to choose from.

    • Hanging sign holders - designed to hang from ceiling or shelving. The construction may include holes for hooks so they can be hung from the ceiling or a recessed groove that fits over risers or epos on shelves. Hanging sign holders are ideal for displaying important signs from available ceiling space or on display shelves.
    • Wall mounted sign holders - attached to a wall or upright surface (display panel, door etc). Some are constructed with keyholes for attaching over screws or hooks. Others may be attached by suckers or self-adhesive stickers. Wall mounted sign holders make use of valuable wall space to display essential print – brand or product info, price or promotional info etc.
    • Free standing sign holders - requires no fixing but supports itself on a base. There are a number of different designs that can include front or side opening options and a double sided version. They can be used across any location. Placed on shelves, in window displays and on counter tops they can display essential print comms to customers, staff, visitors, etc.


    Contact us today

    If you would like to find out more information about our retail sign holders then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • Everything you need to know about what Slatwall is and how you can use it

    Slatwall is a common term used when speaking about retail solutions, but actually, what is Slatwall? Slatwall is a building material that is often used to create retail displays. Using different panels with t-shaped grooves, Slatwall displays can be created. Slatwall shelves, hooks, and trays can be inserted into the grooves and completely bespoke shop displays can be created.Most Slatwall is manufactured from MDF, although other materials can be used. 


    Retail Slatwall - the benefits 

    Slatwall has proved to be a very versatile system for retailers. It is relatively inexpensive, can be fitted easily and offers a flexible display option. Other stores might use fixed display products such as shelving or bespoke display units. These need to be replaced to create a new display. 

    Slatwall allows retailers to more easily reconfigure displays and promotions. Slatwall shelves, racks, trays and hooks are used to create a display. However, once this has grown ineffective or a new product range needs to be promoted and displayed, these accessories can be easily removed. By swapping and changing Slatwall accessories, a newly configured display can be created. 


    What is Slatwall?

    As leading Slatwall suppliers, you’ve come to the right place if you want to know what Slatwall is. Slatwall is an off-the-shelf display solution so it does not come with the cost of bespoke planning and installation. Panels in the required combination are fixed to the walls and are ready to be ‘accessorised’ straight away. Joiners and builders can install – no specialist retail installation services are required.

    The huge range of Slatwall shelves and accessories are also a huge advantage for the retailer as it offers maximum display flexibility at a reasonable cost. Individually these accessories are not expensive so it’s not costly to build up a collection of accessories. As with any such display, imagination and visual flair are important but the accessories will allow any retailer to achieve stunning PoS displays.


    Is Slatwall recyclable?

    Even at their low cost, Slatwall and associated accessories are durable and safe for a retail environment. Most of the shelves are made from acrylic which is safe, shatterproof and recyclable when it reaches end of life. 

    Slatwall can also be painted in almost any colour. So it’s easy to create a uniform colour across a store or zone colours to help develop a customer journey. 


    Slatwall Suppliers

    If you would like to find out more about what Slatwall is then head to our website today. Or, call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • What can I use poster snap frames for?

    Poster snap frames are used to display print, photographs and pictures. They are used extensively in business. They are also increasingly used in homes as a value alternative to traditional photo frames. Available in most print sizes up to A0 and in a range of colours, there is little limit on the uses of snap frames at work and home.


    Poster snap frames for businesses 

    Poster snap frames can be used in a wide range of applications. Many businesses have a range of statutory notices that are legally required to be seen by staff and/or visitors.  Snap frames help ensure these notices are clearly seen. Additionally, they also offer an elegant option to what are often uninspiring but essential notices and disclaimers. With their spring loaded hinges, regular updating of the notices is easy.


    Retail poster holders

    Snap frames are also a great way to frame lots of other prints. Menus, price lists, opening times, and customer notices  are ideal for snap frames. A protective PVC cover will keep the print in perfect condition, reducing the need for costly reprints. Their smart designs mean that prints will be seen by those who need to see it.


    Snap frame sizes

    Our snap frames come in a wide variety of standard print sizes. From A5 to A0,  they are perfect for use in retail displays. They are prettier than a standard poster or sign holder, and are a great way to make a display statement in your shop or sales centre. Larger A1 snap frames or A0 frames can be used to frame high impact posters, product photos and branding information. 


    Frames for home decor 

    Snap frame poster holders are increasingly being used in houses and flats as a smart and lower cost alternative to picture frames. The range of standard print sizes has helped increase their popularity. From cherished certificates to family photos, snap frames are cost-effective, smart way to hold your prints. 


    Coloured poster frames

    Wrights GPX offer a wide range of high quality snap frames in a great range of colours. Cool white snap frames are ideal for halls and living rooms, while kids will love the bright buzz that our red or green snap frames will bring to their bedroom or playroom. Elegant blue and black snap frames complete the range. Safe, sturdy and stylish, these snap frames will be a perfect finishing touch to any room. 


    Contact us today

    If you’re looking to buy poster snap frames then head to our website today. Or, call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • Sign Holder With Business Card Holder | a worthy investment

    A sign holder with a business card holder is a clever way to promote your name. Unlike a traditional business card holder, a sign holder is more likely to be seen & noticed by customers. By linking your business card to the content, you can create a memorable first impression.


    Why use a sign holder with a business card holder?

    The sign holder with a business card holder at Wrights GPX will fit an A4 print. Whether you are looking to relay basic information, promote a sale, or advertise a new service, our sign holders are the perfect solution. By attaching a business card holder to the poster holder, you can turn interest into contacts. With business cards, you can make sure your consumers know exactly where to find your services.


    A4 sign holders

    You might use the sign holder to feature a promotion, sale or clearance event – or any other type of event. The A4 sign holder provides plenty of room to make an impression. Remember that using strong visuals or typography will be better than too much plain type. It keeps the reader engaged as opposed to making them full there is too much information to take in.


    Where to display your sign holders

    Put your business sign holder on counters and platforms where they will be easily seen. On reception desks, in waiting areas,  and on counters, the sign holder is a good way to encourage potential customers to take your business card. Don’t forget that this could be the first step on their buying journey.  Business cards are, after all, one of the most important direct marketing tools.


    Where to buy a sign holder with business card holder

    We manufacture our A4 sign holders with complete with a business card holder ourselves here in the UK. We use high impact acrylic so both the sign holder and business card holder are durable – even in the busiest environments. The clear acrylic we use means both the sign and card be clearly seen. Additionally, the construction makes it stable and smart looking. 

    All products in our sign holder range can be purchased via our ecommerce website – with low cost shipping & 14 day money back guarantee in case you are not happy with your purchase. 

    If you’re looking to buy a sign holder with business card holder attached, head to our website today. Or, call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • Slatwall Acrylic Shelves at Wrights Plastics GPX

    Purpose made Slatwall acrylic shelves help retailers create high impact displays. Slatwall shelves are available in a range of styles, shapes, widths and lengths. They help to display almost any product and the shelves can easily be reconfigured for future displays and promotions.


    Buying Slatwall acrylic shelves

    Wrights Plastics GPX is the UK’s leading manufacturer for Slatwall acrylic shelves. Our shelving can be used to create completely bespoke Slatwall displays. We work with retailers across the UK and Europe to develop a range of shop shelving that is great value and great quality. The shelves support effective displays and in-store promotions and can be used time and time again.

    Our UK-made range includes Slatwall shelves racks alongside a range of specialist POS display products. Everything in the range can be purchased via our e-commerce store with low shipping costs and a 14 Day Returns Guarantee.


    Creative Slatwall displays

    A range of general purpose shelves provide the standard day-to-day shelf for most products. Additional lips, struts and supports offer extra stability and strength if required. We even have a dedicated heavy duty range the create Slatwall displays for heavy items. 

    Specialised shapes and designs are perhaps unique to us. Semi-circular, bow-fronted or oval Slatwall shelves can help you promote more awkwardly shaped items. Also, they help retailers add levels of depth and height. This is important in creating effective in store displays and promotions.


    Slatwall ticket holders

    Ticket holders are another part of the range. Again, these are a really useful feature for many products. They allow information such as prices, branding, promotions and product details to be included as part of the marketing.


    Wrights GPX Slatwall

    Slatwall retail solutions remain a popular shopfitting display system. If you would like to find out more information about our Slatwall acrylic shelves, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. We’ll happily give you advice on how to create the perfect PoS display. 

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  • Using a wall mounted leaflet dispenser effectively

    A wall mounted leaflet dispenser allows you to make the most of available wall space in your store. It also ensures leaflets are seen exactly where customers, clients, members and staff are looking. Here at Wrights GPX, we manufacture a range of leaflet holders for walls to help customers find the exact literature display they need. 


    Store leaflets

    Printed leaflets play an important role in any organisation. Whether they’re for pricing, product and brand information, updates on events, news, or promotions leaflets are still essential. Even in a digital age, physical literature still remains effective. But, they are ineffective if they are not seen by the very people you are reaching out to. So leaflet holders and important – and well placed leaflet holders are even more important.


    Choosing your wall mounted leaflet dispenser

    Choosing the correct wall mounted leaflet dispenser depends on a number of factors. The print size of the leaflet will decide the configuration of the leaflet holder. However, the amount of available wall space will determine the actual size of the leaflet holder.


    Different sized leaflet holders

    A large wall space will allow for a multi-tiered leaflet holder that will hold large amounts of the same leaflet or, ideally, lots of different leaflets. You’ll find multi or maxi tier leaflet holders in hotels, B&Bs, bars and gyms for example. These are an ideal way to store and promote a large number of leaflets or a variety of leaflets.

    Sectional wall mounted leaflet holders do a similar job but work horizontally instead of vertically. Choose from 3 or 4 sections and for A4 /A5 or DL leaflets holders to suit your needs.

    For smaller spaces or fewer leaflets our premium wall mounted leaflet holders offer a durable solution. Made from 1 piece construction, they are manufactured to last and have a crystal clear clarity. This enables the leaflets to be seen clearly at all times. With keyhole fixings as part of their construction, they are easy to install (and remove) and offer great value for money.


    Contact us today

    For maximum leaflet effectiveness, make the most of available wall space with our comprehensive range of wall mounted leaflet holders.

    If you’re looking to invest in a wall mounted leaflet dispenser then head to our website today. Or, call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • Snap frames for posters: how do they work?

    Snap frames for posters are incredibly popular across a wide range of stores and restaurants. Snap frames have hinged sides that open and then ‘snap’ shut to hold print in place. They can sometimes known as clip frames, grip frames or snapper frames. These frames are incredibly easy to use and update, making them a popular frame for businesses. 


    Snap frames for posters and other advertising materials

    Businesses use snap frames for posters, signs, menus, price lists, businesses notices, photographs & images, and product information to name a few. They are a quick and easy way to relay information to a consumer without verbally doing so. They can be used to grab people’s attention, whether it’s to inform, educate, or promote. When it comes to display poster frames, it’s important to use a frame that is simple in its design, but high in quality. 


    Good value poster holders

    Snap frames are visually more attractive than most poster holders. However, they are not as expensive as photo frames. Therefore, they have proved popular for businesses and other organisations. Visit any pub, club, gym, library or shop and there is likely to be a snap frame used to frame important print in that location. 


    Are all snap frames the same?

    If you are looking to buy clip frames it’s important you are going to a quality supplier.  Firstly the quality of the hinged mechanism on the frame edges is essential to the quality of the frame, especially if you will be updating them regularly. A high quality hinge is designed to be used many 100's of times. A poor quality hinge will not last as long and means the whole snap frame will need to be replaced. That makes them a poor investment even at a lower initial cost.

    The quality of the finish is important too. Used inside or outdoors, a poor quality finish will tarnish and peel quickly making the snap frame look cheap. A high quality finish will last much longer – again avoiding the need to be replaced.

    A good quality snap frame will also be robust enough to be used in even the busiest environment. Look for snap frames made from natural anodised aluminium. A good profile width should be used too. This is because it should provide a snap frame with the ability to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday life – even if used outside. 

    Smart, great value and available in a huge range of sizes, snap frames offer a great way to hang print in any organisation.  


    Buying poster holders

    Here at Wrights GPX, we’re proud to be one of the leader manufacturers and suppliers of snap frames. We sell them in a wide range of sizes so whether it’s large snap frames or small ones you need, we’ll have the perfect print holder for you. 

    If you would like to find out more about our snap frames for posters then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Poster Display Frames | Everything you need to know

    Poster display frames allow organisations to deliver essential communications exactly where they need to be seen. Wrights GPX are proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of PoS solutions - including poster holders. Our poster holders and snap frames can be used in a wide range of businesses and organisations. High in quality and durability, you can be sure that you’ll be investing in a PoS retail solution that won’t let you down. 


    Why do we use posters?

    For every organisation print continues to play an important role. We used posters to let people know about products and services, prices and aftercare, rules and regulations, events and opportunities, It is often easier and more cost-effective to advertise through printed posters and signs, despite the increased use of digital screens. Equally as important as the message is getting the messages seen and this is where poster holders for display offer a great boost for any business or organisation.


    Poster display frames

    Poster display frames and sign holders have been developed to be used across any part of a store, office or any location or venue. With many variations to choose from, you can guarantee that your messaging can be seen clearly and effectively.


    Types of retail poster holders

    • Wall mounted poster holders allow you to use often unused wall space for maximum effect. Available in all standard print sizes, these poster holders not only help to get posters seen but also have the practical benefit of keeping them protected. 
    • PVC wall mounted poster holders are the entry level to the range, perfect for everyday use. They are durable, lightweight and great value. Acrylic wall mounted poster holders offer greater durability, more clarity in the material so posters can be seen very clearly and a slightly higher cost. At the top end of the range snap frames offer a practical but elegant and smart frame to holder posters and print.
    • Hanging poster holders allow for the use of even more unused space. Whether hanging from the ceiling or below shelves, they help deliver messages directly to the customers’ eye line.
    • Bringing the messaging closer to home, freestanding poster and sign holders can be used on checkouts, reception desks, counters, shelves and many other locations. Again a range of styles, configurations and materials are readily available to suit budgets and requirements. 

    Whatever your chosen style, poster holders will help you deliver essential communications in the best possible place for the largest number of customers, staff or members. 


    Contact us today

    To find out more about our poster display frames, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Wall leaflet holders | The benefits

    Wall leaflet holders will help many organisations make sure their essential print is seen by customers. Here at Wrights GPX, we are proud to be one of the leading POS retail display manufacturers, and we’ve got plenty of leaflet holders and leaflet stands to choose from.


    Using leaflet holders

    In shops, schools, salons, leisure centres, and local authority buildings there is usually plenty of wall space to spare. Posters and signs help engage with visitors and customers and it makes sense to ensure that leaflets, price lists, product info and branding is also placed close to relevant posters and information. Wall mounted leaflet holders allow you to position your literature in the most appropriate places in the building. 


    3-in-1 leaflet dispensers

    Wrights Plastics GPX manufactures a flexible range of 3-in-1 leaflet holders. These can be used as freestanding leaflet holders or as part of a Slatwall display system. However, hey also include keyholes for easy attaching to walls and similar surfaces.


    A wide range of wall leaflet holders to choose from

    We’ve got plenty of different wall leaflet holders to choose from, so you can be sure to create a bespoke shopfitting that is perfect for your business. 

    Single-tier literature holders allow one leaflet design to be stored or displayed, and the multi-tier option either means more capacity or space for different leaflets. All variations of the leaflets can be seen thanks to its ‘stepped design’.


    Wrights Plastics GPX

    If you are using Wrights Plastics GPX wall mounted leaflet holders in busy locations, it is good to know they are manufactured from durable high impact acrylic – perfect for everyday use. They are easy to clean and maintain and when no longer required, they can be recycled. 

    The single and multi-tier options both come in different sizes to hold all the standard print sizes – primarily A4 / A5 / DL. Other styles of wall mounted leaflet dispensers are also available.

    Buying direct from the manufacturer means the best online value – you will not find this quality of product at a lower price. There is a 14-day money back promise for any buyer who is not happy with their purchase. 


    Contact us today

    To find out more about our wall leaflet holders, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • How does POS work? | Leading Point of Sale display manufacturers

    Here at Wrights Plastics we’re proud to be one of the country’s leading point of sale display manufacturers. POS display uses products and customer messaging to move the customer to the final stage of the buying process.

    Using a readily available range of off-the-shelf POS display products, retailers can maximise the use of space within the store. They can do this by adding branding, price,  and product info at the most important stages of the buying process.


    Shelf space optimisation

    In the world of retail, shelf space comes at a premium. Point of sale stands such as free-standing display units (FSDUs) counter top units (CTUs) and dump bins are ideal for maximising a store’s merchandising potential. POS display stands are ideal for maximising the use of available space on the shop floor. More products means more revenue -  bulk-buys and impulse purchases have the potential to be added to every basket.


    PoS Accessories 

    As well as introducing more shelf space, POS and POP displays can be used to draw attention to your current offering – introducing visual merchandising into the mix. Hanging signs, display cubes, posters and window clings can all be used to attract the attention of passers-by and highlight key promotions and products on offer. As highly established Point of Sale display manufacturers, we have a wide range of accessories available. With our retail solutions, you can create the perfect retail display to optimise your sales. 


    Choosing POS display solutions to boost sales

    There are a wide choice of POS display products to choose from.A successful store, showroom, salon or other retail environment will have a mix of products that are used either continually, occasionally, or seasonally. 


    Free standing display units

    Most Point of Sale display manufacturers will supply all sorts of retail units to equip your shop with. Free standing display units are perfect for catching the customer’s eye and expanding your shelf space. They are ideal for retail hotspots or queuing systems, and for putting large amounts of stock in the customer’s line of sight.

     In a survey conducted by POPAI, 90% of consumers saw a wellbeing display unit displayed in Superdrug compared to the 80% of consumers who saw a one in Boots. 



    A great way to drive impulse buys or clearance items is by using  dump bins. They support the ‘pile ‘em high, sell ‘em fast’ principle and can be used across the store to boost sales. At Wrights GPX, they are available in a range of sizes, even down to counter top versions.



    Effective signage is important for any retailer. Not only can it move customers around the store to make the most of your floor space, it also offers the chance to communicate with customers – supporting your VM activity. Done well it is also a way to support brand, too. Poster and sign holders will deliver these important messages in exactly the right place – as part of VM displays, hanging from the ceiling or walls or on counters and checkout areas. 


    Point of Sale display manufacturers

    If you are looking for Point of Sale display manufacturers, then head to our website today to find out more about our PoS solutions. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

    If you have found this blog helpful, you may wish to read our previous blog on Slatwall Panels.

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