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Wrights Plastics lightweight solution for M&S is a 'fin-tastic' success

Testing the new lightweight fins at Marks and SpencerWhen Marks & Spencer wanted a lightweight solution to a weighty display problem they asked us for help. We had already developed a lightweight light box solution for their instore displays.

Marks and Spencer currently use end of gondola ‘fins’ manufactured from MDF. They weigh in at around 45kilos – not great for the staff who need to move and manoeuvre them in place when creating shop floor displays so they asked Wrights Plastics to come up with a lightweight alternative. We did, and new fins are now just 15 kilos – a much better option for M&S staff. Marks and Spenser were so delighted with the response that they asked us to manufacture and distribute their ‘fin-tastic’ solution. That meant we doubled our existing warehousing space to create a UK-wide distribution centre.

And the reduced weight also means lower distribution costs – and less impact on the environment.

M&S asked us to manufacture over 3000 units and to co-ordinate distribution across their UK network of almost 800 stores.