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Take a gondola ride to better sales

Gondola endGondolas are one of the most-established retail display units but that can often mean their importance to your customers and therefore your sales is overlooked. Effective POS, strong retail displays, correct pricing and products should all come together to help you turn gondolas into profitable space.

Perhaps nowhere is this more important than in your gondola ends. Global conference speaker and retail consultant John Stanley has recently written 'ends of gondolas....should turn stock at least as twice as fast as all other merchandising areas, apart from your power displays.'  John offered some great and easy to implement advice recently in ‘Better Retailing’ which included:


  • Keep it simple and you will sell more.
  • Make sure shelving is at the correct height for customers to see your products. The “sight and take” position is crucial to making a sale – this is chin to belly button on the average consumer and is the shelf area where most sales are made. As soon as consumers have to stretch or bend to obtain products, sales start declining.
  • Measure as high as product and the width of display on the shelf. This should be the height of the product at the very minimum.
  • Gondola ends also allow you to indicate to customers what is on the shelving behind and enable you to tell a story based on the range of products that are merchandised adjacent to and adjoining them. They help consumers find products. Remember customers often don’t read signs.
  • Use impulse items whenever possible on a gondola end and place my “purpose products”, the items customers come in for, at the rear of the store, to make sure consumers shop my whole store.

John concludes “Your average sale can go up simply by relocating key product categories to the correct place. Make consumers search out purpose categories while they walk past impulse categories” and that’s sound advice for retailers As a leading POS manufacturer in the UK we have developed an extensive range of display items to help you make the most of your gondola ends. Our high impact high value sign and poster holders will be a big help in creating effective displays: they allow you to communicate product, brand and price information EXACTLY where your customers can see it. The range also includes shelf barkers, ticket holders and data strips. All the items are built to withstand the bumps of a busy retail environment and to be used and repositioned again and again.

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