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Everything you need to know about Slatwall | Leading Slatwall Shelf Suppliers

Wrights GPX are proud to be one of the country’s leading Slatwall shelf suppliers. Slatwall shelves vary in the material used to make them - their size and even shape as well as their construction. Slatwall shelves are designed and made to display almost all products. So whether you are a jewellery store, a tourist information centre, or a sweet shop, Slatwall shelving is the perfect solution for showcasing your goods. 


What is Slatwall? 

Metal and glass are used to manufacture Slatwall shelves but most often acrylic is used because it is cheaper, safer and easier to maintain. An acrylic Slatwall shelf can be manufactured with upstands (lips) and supports. These help to promote and display products that vary in weight and shape. Specialist semi-circular Slatwall shelving or bow fronted options are also readily available. We can also supply heavy duty Slatwall shelves for heavy goods such as kitchenware. 


Kitting the store out with Slatwall shelving 

Additionally racks, trays and boxes allow for even more products to be successfully displayed & promoted, and they allow retailers to vary their displays. Row after row of identical shelving can become boring but acrylic shelving can offer variety.  


Can a Slatwall shelf display any product?

There are probably some products that cannot be displayed on a Slatwall shelf. However, at Wrights GPX we believe 99% of products can be displayed with an off-the-shelf (sorry!) product from our range. We have worked with retailers since 1969 to develop display solutions that meet the challenge of new products and changing consumer behaviour. We move towards experiential displays to bring customers back to the High Street. The latest Slatwall display solutions allow retailers to develop high impact displays that appeal to shoppers’ senses – sight and touch in particular.

In addition we have developed some niche products for niche products. In our range you’ll find products to display sporting goods and umbrellas, fashion and footwear, gift wrap and gift cards, stationery and many other specialist products.


The benefits of Slatwall

Unlike their competitor materials, acrylic shelves are genuinely low cost. This allows retailers to cheaply build up their Slatwall accessories and furniture. Keeping a variety of shelves, racks, trays, and specialist POS displays, allows them to constantly reinvent their product display. 


Contact us today

If you are looking for Slatwall shelf solutions or would like to find out more about furnishing your store with Slatwall then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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