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Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise | Using Slatwall Display Systems

Slatwall display systems provide users with the chance to promote their products using a wide range of Slatwall accessories. Here at Wrights Plastics, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of Point of Sale solutions - including Slatwall systems. We’ve got the goods to support many different shops and products, so you can rest assured that no matter what type of promotion you have in mind, we can help to enhance it even further.


The benefits of using Slatwall display systems

Slatwall display systems are incredibly popular due to how versatile they can be. Their panels can be used with various hooks, brackets, and arms, and can be moved around the shop floor with ease. They make a suitable shopfitting system for shops of any size and can support marketing and branding for a wide range of services and merchandise. From clothing and accessories, through to e-cigarettes and stationery, Slatwall accessories will support you with all of your promotional requirements.


Using Slatwall accessories

Slatwall accessories can be used to display goods, promote products, and communicate with customers. With accessories designed for specialised products and ranges, with Slatwall you have the opportunity to create innovative and creative displays to entice your customers and market your products. Slatwall shelves are extremely handy, but if you are looking to create an effective display, you should consider investing in Slatwall trays, racks, troughs, containers , tiered Slatwall displays and merchandisersSlatwall troughs, boxes and containers in particular are ideal to promote products which can’t be displayed on standard Slatwall shelves. These accessories work in the same way as all other Slatwall shelves but add a whole host of display potential - adding depth, width and interest to your displays has never been easier!


Specialist Slatwall solutions

Whilst Slatwall is undoubtedly one of the most versatile of PoS solutions on the market, they can also cater to more specific products too. This range of accessories is made for specialist products so that those with more individual requirements can still reap the fantastic benefits that Slatwall has to offer. Some of the accessories from this range includes wrap and card gift displaystennis racket holdersfootball supports, and sunglasses stands.


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