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Why are sign holders like the BBC?

sign holders help entertain, inform and educate - like the BBCWhen it was founded the BBC had a mission to ‘entertain, educate and inform’ – and you could describe the function of sign holders as the same (or at least the signs they contain).

Sign holders are ideal for making sure your essential information is seen by your customers – that is why they come in different sizes and different styles. Hung, wall mounted or freestanding , they can be located on counters & shelves or hung from walls and ceilings – use them to guide the buying decision throughout the store. Manufactured from robust acrylic or styrene, they are (to coin a phrase) cheap as chips so there is no excuse for not having a huge stack in store, ready to support any display, marketing campaign, sale event or new product launch.

When we talk about signs we include posters, pricing information, branding and general information. Increasingly the look of these posters is important: the days of handwritten notices blu-tacked around the store are gone (although we can all think of examples in even the smartest of retailers). Print is becoming more cost effective whether from a laptop printer or a professional printer and sign holders will make sure the print stays at its best for longer, withstanding the knocks of day-to-day retail. And there lots of different sign holders to suit the retail environment – low cost styrene sign holders for FMGC locations to traditional framed printer holders and snap frames for other locations.

Take a stroll around your retail empire and see how well or poorly you communicate with customers. From window to cash desk, you’re communication skills will create loyalty, build brand and maximise spend. Take your audit today and see how you close you get to those invaluable BBC principles – to entertain, educate and inform your customers and visitors.