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Sign Holder Retail Solutions at Wright GPX | The Importance of PoP Marketing

Companies spend billions every year on displays and other forms of POP marketing. From a sign holder to a literature stand, investing in the right point-of-purchase displays and programs can truly help boost sales and influence purchases. 


Creating an Effective Retail Display with the Use of a Sign Holder

Effective sign holder usage throughout your store is a great way to help enhance sales, and customer experience. The average consumer is exposed to 3,000 advertising and promotional messages a day. They also have more than 80,000 items to choose from in a single store visit. With this in mind, a shopper’s intentions can and do change in a split second. For any retailer, developing effective POS is essential to building brands and boosting sales. As well as developing effective long term relations with customers. In an increasingly competitive market, where competition is virtual as well as real, a creative and enticing POS retail display can contribute to the level of positive experience that consumers are looking for.


POS Retail Display & the Customer Journey

As the typical shopper walks through a store, their eyes are only still for 200-300 milliseconds at a time. The decision on whether to stick with a familiar brand, or buy a rival product, is made in just three to seven seconds. Unsurprisingly, six in ten in-store purchases can be classified as impulse buys. With the help of innovative PoS display stands, you can help to guide the customer to exactly where you would like them to be on your shop floor. Once you grasp shoppers’ motivations and needs, you need to understand how they move through your store and use the various zones in the environment. You can then place your retail sign holders in effective locations throughout the store. 

Maximizing your POS display program results requires a combination of:

  • Great design
  • Effective display of this design using sign holders and POS retail display products
  • A clear understanding of display economics
  • Exceptional execution of all aspects of the display program


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