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Are Slatwall shop fittings still a good choice for shop owners?

A popular choice for shop fittings, Slatwall has been around for a number of years, so it is easy to think it has been surpassed as an option for store owners. But with its low cost and flexibility, alongside its huge range of shelves and accessories, Slatwall is still the best choice for many retailers. Here at Wrights Plastics, we are proud to be leading Point of Sale manufacturers and we stock an extensive selection of Slatwall display solutions and accessories. 


Effective shop fittings

If you’re looking for shop fittings that will clearly and effectively display goods, then Slatwall offers the best solution. Most of the available wall and floor space can be utilised using Slatwall and it is easy to add Slatwall shelves, racks, trays, troughs and containers to display an unlimited range of products.

The choice of display shelves is endless and there are lots of specialist options to choose from too if you need something more specific. From Slatwall sports equipment displays to gift wrap, from clothing to stationery, choosing Slatwall will not limit your ability to display products. In fact, because Slatwall is still so popular, the display options continue to grow and meet the needs of new products and consumer behaviour. The ability to tailor and optimise your store, from the floor space right down to what kind of hook to use, is just one of the main reasons why Slatwall provides the ultimate shop fitting.


Maximise shop wall space

It won’t take long to realise you can cleverly use your Slatwall display and the associated shelves and accessories to make the most of your wall space. And unlike other retail display systems or options, you won’t need any specialist help after your initial shop fit out. Fitting and removing the shelves takes seconds – and no skill!


Cost effective shop displays

Slatwall is relatively inexpensive compared to more elaborate shop fitting options. Margins are always being squeezed in retail so it is wise to choose a system that helps promote products – including higher margin items – without being too expensive. Marketing and promotional trends are constantly evolving, but the low cost of acrylic Slatwall shelving means you can constantly update and improve your display without eating into your profits. Slatwall shelves and display products are guaranteed to prove an investment in the continuing growth of your business.


Investing in Acrylic

Look for high quality shelves and display products when it comes to creating Point of Sale displays. Acrylic shelves are long-lasting and the clarity of the acrylic will not obscure any product display – it will always look ‘new’ and will be easier to clean and maintain. Here at Wrights Plastics, we’ve got a wide range of acrylic shelving and accessories to choose from, all of which can support the growth and promotion of your business and its products.


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