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Retail Poster Holders – Your Questions Answered

As the leading manufacturer & supplier of retail poster holders in the UK, we’re here to help you with POS solutions. Even more so, we’ve developed an expert insight into helping our customers make the most of our complete range. 


What is the difference between retail poster holders and sign holders?

The terms are usually used interchangeably. Some people think of posters as larger than signs – and look for larger holders in A3/A2/A1 & A0 but this is not a definite difference.


Where should I hang my retail poster holders?

Retail poster holders need to be placed in the direct eyeline of the customer. Communicating with customers is very important in moving them along the buying cycle. This starts at interest and ends at goal achievement; whether that is a sale, a sign up or an appointment. Posters and signs are an effective way to tell customers about your brand, services and products. 


How do I choose the right poster holder?

The size of the print is the first important factor. Poster holders are readily available in standard print sizes, from a tiny A8 to a huge A0. On our site, you’ll find our poster holders all reference the print size. So, an A0 poster holder is manufactured to fit around an A0 poster.

There will be a different poster holder for the location you want the poster to be seen. Hanging poster holders can be hung from ceilings, shelves or in window displays. Wall mounted poster holders will help you make the most available wall space. Free standing poster holders can be placed on shelves, counters & reception desks. As well as on plinths and directly on displays. 

In addition to poster holders, shelf talkers and ticket holders offer the same promotional and communication opportunities. These can be placed around shelving, and directly around products.


Why choose Acrylic poster holders?

Acrylic is the #1 material for poster holders. There are several reasons for this.

  • Clarity.
    High quality acrylic offers extreme clarity, meaning the poster or sign can be clearly seen.
  • Durability.
    High quality high impact acrylic is used by Wrights GPX when manufacturing
    POS retail display products. This means the products will last year after year. The retail displays are durable and hard wearing. They are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Cost.
    Acrylic and its various forms (such as PVC) offer a low-cost option for high volume, off-the-shelf sign and poster holders.
  • Branding.
    It is possible to add logos and branding to acrylic leaflet holders to support brand, promotions, etc.
  • Sustainability.
    Acrylic is recyclable, and its recycled material is used in a variety of useful products.


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