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A Guide to Point of Sale Poster Displays

Poster displays are one the best ways to optimise the use of your retail space. With sign holders and poster holders for sale in a wide range of sizes, there is no excuse for not investing in PoS solutions for your store. With the right retail signage, you can promote products, sales, and your brand itself. Here at Wrights GPX, as leading experts in PoS solutions, we have plenty of different sign holders to choose from. They are all guaranteed to enhance your poster displays even further.


Poster Displays - Choosing the Right Size

It’s important that your poster displays are positioned in the right places. It is also important that you choose the appropriate size for the purpose of the display. We’ve put together a little guide to choosing the right size.


A8 sign holders.

A8 is the new born baby of the sign holder family. At just 52mm x 74mm, it’s cute but tiny. However, it does have some advantages. The A8 sign holder can be placed where space is limited and often at the heart of your display. With such little print space available, use the A8 sign for simple clear messages. For example, pricing or sales information.


A7 sign holders.

A7 is 105mm x 74mm, so it’s twice the width of the A8. However, that doesn’t afford much more space. So again, A7 sign holders are for concise and clear messaging, in the very heart of your displays. It is also a good size for printed cards and product information that can be taken away by the customer. It is a good size for wallets, handbags and man bags!


A6 sign holders.

We all know an A6 print when we see one. It’s the size of all those postcards we are familiar with, and that use as a postcard gives a clue as to what one of the A6’s strengths are as a sign. At 105mm x 148mm, it allows for some strong visual content. Think of all the postcards you’ve seen where the image is strong and memorable. The A6 sign holder is a great way to display images that will be used to build brand identity, through aspiration and inspiration. They are also ideal for delivering price and promotion information.


A5 sign holders.

With this size we enter familiar signage territory. A5 sign holders are amongst the bestselling, because A5 signs offer a great versatility. They can be used on shelves and on counters, alongside the products. They can also start to be used as standalone signs, delivering key branding and communications. At 148mm x 210mm, there is plenty of space to mix strong visuals with compelling text.


A4 sign holders.

If A5 is the cheeky uncle of the family, A4 is the daddy. Universally it is the #1 most popular print size. Its sheer familiarity makes it the essential tool for creating effective POS retail display. Compact enough to be used as part of the retail display, at 210mm x 297mm it is large enough for standalone messaging across the store. As a result, starting that journey to brand differential that will help future proof your store. From a practical point of view, printing at A4 & using A4 poster holders is often the most cost-effective choice. Therefore, it is a good size for your day-to-day sign requirements.


A3 sign holders.

With a doubling to 297mm x 420mm, A3 signs are starting to have impact. In fact, closer to posters than signs (the terms poster holder and sign holder are used interchangeably in POS retail display). So, A3 signs in clear A3 sign holders are attracting attention from pavement signs, through to window displays, to effective wall displays. It is here that strong visuals start to prove their worth.


A2 sign holders.

A2 signs are less common in shops. However, they are a staple for pavement signs, for example. They make a huge impact through sheer size & you’ll need supporting imagery that lives up to the 420mm x 597mm space available. These are a great opportunity and can take your instore branding to the next level! Use often under-utilised ceiling space with hanging A2 poster holders for the eye-raising posters that get noticed.


A1 sign holders.

The supersize of instore marketing, A1’s 594mm x 841mm is frankly too large to handle for many stores – and, in truth, using two A2 posters often makes more sense. But if you have the available space, it is a great opportunity to create the ultimate high-impact retail store sale signs. 


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