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Point of sale manufacturers can help promote your business

Marketing any business is never easy, and for a self-employed trader there is a bewildering number of choices. Not too long ago, a painter, plumber or tree surgeon would make do with a phone number on the van and an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Oh for such simple days. Nowadays, the yellow pages has gone all Yell and a business of any size needs a website - not to mention a Facebook page or a Twitter account. It’s a wonder anyone has time to actually do any work.

We like some old school marketing at Wrights GPX and recommend a cost-effective but tried and tested marketing activity for every tradesman and one that a traditional point of sale manufacturer can help you with: the good, old fashioned A-board or pavement sign.
We drive around a lot – it beats working – and are always surprised how few of these we see. They are used occasionally by painters, builders and double glazing fitters but that only scratches the surface of the potential market.


This list includes electricians, gas fitters, gardeners, mobile hairdressers/manicurists/pedicurists, physiotherapists & masseurs, cleaners, etc etc.

The A-board is your virtually-free advertising opportunity, and the next best thing to a ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation.

And you can let your marketing imagination run wild – don’t just have your name, business description and phone number. It would not take too much to feature photos of previous work, a full list of services undertaken, some sample costs or prices, locations covered. The list of opportunities is endless. Treat two sides differently to double your opportunities.

A-boards come in different types so speak to a POS manufacturer like us for some advice on the how to make the most of these portable, cost-effective marketing tools.

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