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Pick and Mix stand range boosted by sweet craze.

Pick and Mix standOur pick and mix stand range has been boosted by the continued craze for Pick and Mix sweets and 'retro' confectionery.

In fact sales of the Pick and Mix stand, sweet stands and sweet dispensers have rocketed a gobstopping 70% (volume Q4 2015 v Q4 2014).

Despite concerns about healthy eating and levels of sugar intake, the confectionery market remains huge in the UK with sales estimated is at around £5b per annum (source IbisWorld) and estimates suggest it will grow over 8% in the five years to 2020.  Retro sweets, unwrapped sweets and traditional Pick and Mix are part of a large section of the market worth around £800m annually. Online sales have contributed to the growth in this sector, but many High Streets now feature a traditional confectionery shop, selling the type of sweets that people of a certain generation used to buy ‘by the quarter’. Pick and Mix can be seen at lots of locations including charity events, children's parties and even weddings. The closure of Woolworth stores in the UK, for so long synonymous with Pick and Mix, barely dented the growth of the sector.

There are often large margins in this sector so it is unsurprising that more and more sellers are entering the market. Pick and Mix stands and sweet dispensers are relatively low cost so there is little barrier to enter the market.

This nationwide sweet tooth has been great news for us as we have seen sales rocket. As we manufacture most items here in the UK, this boosts the UK economy and ensures we continue to employ as many people as possible.

Our range includes a complete Pick and Mix stand to individual component dispensers and accessories.