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Our Top 10 retail and point of sale display tips

modern showcase full of  fashionables necklaces,  in chic boutiqueWe have many years experience in helping retailers make the most of their retail and point of sale display. For new retailers and those needing a refresher, here is our Top 10 retail and point of sale display tips.

  1. Create a focal point. Overwhelming or boring displays and display stands can both suffer the same problem - No focal point! You need to think about the following: Where will your customers want to look? Is there a central feature you want them to notice? How will the eye travel through the display?
  2. Are your table displays too low? Many table displays and window presentations are. The focal point must be at eye level to the majority of views – this is at between 1200 – 1500mm. With so much stimulation in the average shopping environment, anything that isn’t right in front of the consumer is lost – you’ve got to make it as easy as possible
  3. When it comes to a retail display create asymmetrical rather than symmetrical balance.
  4. When beginning your retail display place the largest object into display first. It will make it easier to create a more effective display.
  5. Use colour to set mood and feeling. If colour doesn’t come with the items to be displayed, use coloured display plinths and display items
  6. When it comes to effective retail display less really is more so know when to stop and don't add too many items.
  7. Balance. Effective displays have visual balance. Dark colours are visually ‘heavier’ than lighter shades and large objects appear heavier than small ones.
  8. Think vertically. Displaying items on various levels maximizes space and is visually appealing to customers. Hanging shelving at different levels is the easiest way to achieve this effect.
  9. Illuminate your space in different ways. Lighting is important in any retail shop, but it's particularly critical in tight quarters. If a corner of your store is not well lit, that square footage is as good as lost
  10. Think ‘Themes’. A theme display for a retail store may develop around seasonal and holiday themes. In the summer, for example, you might walk into a retailer and see an above-ground swimming pool surrounded by summer grilling and recreation products. A theme anchors the products you want to sell

Those are our tips – we’d love to hear yours either below or why not post your suggestions on our Facebook page

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