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Not all point of sale manufacturers are the same

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of point of sale items including shelving units, display stands, poster holder and menu holders, you may be a little overwhelmed by the amount of companies to choose from, so perhaps we can take this opportunity to offer four great reasons to choose GPX Wrights Plastics.

1 - We are a UK Point of Sale Manufacturer

Some companies selling point of sale items import everything they sell – we don’t. We do import some items but the vast majority of items we sell are manufactured here in the UK by us in our 42,000 square feet of production area located in the Black Country – the traditional heart of manufacturing in the UK. The area might have moved away from traditional ‘metal bashing’ but it still has a proud tradition of manufacturing innovation, and that provides us with a pool of talent in all departments – making, designing, supporting and selling.

2 - We are not a ‘virtual’ company

As we mentioned above we operate out of our 42,000 square feet of production area located in the West Midlands – and that means you have a ‘real’ company behind the virtual ecommerce website. If you need to talk through some particular requirements, we can use our expertise to advice on available products and can even develop bespoke items. If you are looking for a reliable point of sale manufacturer you can rest assured we’ve been around for long enough to help with even the most challenging of briefs.

3 - We are committed to quality

Because we manufacturer so many of our stock line you can be assured that we take quality very seriously – and that there is a consistent quality to everything we sell, whether we make it or not. We have an ISO 9001 certification and our commitment is also shown in our continued development of high-quality durable products. We work hard to make sure want that everything you buy will be of the highest possible standard, manufactured from the highest quality material.

4 - We are committed to excellence

In addition to our commitment to quality we also invest in excellence – from the machinery we use to the staff we employ. From prompt to delivery to excellent customer service, our team are here to make sure you are completely satisfied from initial enquiry to completion of order.

OK, advert over but hopefully we you can see that not all point of sale manufacturers are the same.

Remember to watch this space as we will be releasing a range of great blogs over the coming months. Our readers can also find our Wrights Plastics GPX Facebook page at For all the latest goings on, you can keep up-to-date with Wrights Plastics GPX on Twitter And we also now have an Wrights Plastics GPX Google+ page live at


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