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Latest investment offers cutting edge at Wrights GPX

Zund G3 XL-3200 safely installedWrights GPX have now taken possession of the latest element in our recent £250,000 investment programme. The G3 XL-3200 cutting system from leading manufacturer Zund has been installed and is now fully operational at our West Bromwich manufacturing base. The machine offers a range of benefits and features that the retail display and industrial components manufacturer is confident will help them improve finish quality, production times and extended their product and service range.

In October we took possession of an Océ Arizona 660 XT flat bed printer and this latest equipment completes the most recent spend on investment. We also invested €250,000 in a CNC machine in February this year.

According to the manufacturers “the Zund G3 XL-3200 offers tandem production, loading/unloading occurs on one side so that cutting continues without interruption on the other. This setup increases workflow efficiency, keeps idle time to a minimum and maximizes throughput. With a tandem setup, the cutting surface is divided into two independently controllable vacuum areas, front and back. Each side is equipped with controls for turning the vacuum on/off and resuming production. Once material is placed in the working area, push the button to re-activate the vacuum and processing continues.”

The powerful Zund control panel Zund G3 XL-3200 safely installed