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Jess's blog #4 - on careers, Cardiff and Christmas

JessAfter returning from my second residential experience, it’s good to be back at work! During my second residential experience, along with the marketing and admin based training, we took part in some activities around Cardiff; we went bowling, ice-skating, visited a Christmas fete in the city centre and went speed boating for a second time. We had two other groups join ours whilst on the second residential course, and this meant that altogether there were  41 of us doing the training!

With many new faces there were new friendships made. Due to most of the group already being in their work places, people were able to talk about their experiences so far, and compare how they were getting on. There are a wide range of different organisations people are working for. This meant that when discussing our experiences in the work place people experiences were often very different from others, which made it interesting to see how everyone were getting on. Even though there were many different types of employers, there were also many which had things in common. For example there are a few people working in estate agencies.

Some businesses who differed from each other however were also able to relate in other ways. For example my employer Wrights Plastics GPX offers the LEDMAG light frame display system for estate agencies, so I was able to help people working in estate agencies see ways in which Wrights could help their estate agency grow by using the LEDMAG system, and how this could also help them bring new ideas to their businesses and help it to grow.

Some of the people were newcomers to the course who were experiencing their first residential experience. During our stay we worked with the newcomers to help them through their stay and support them with the work. We shared our experiences from our first residential course with them, and also our experiences in the work place, so they know what to look forward to.

Even though Cardiff was a lot of fun it is definitely good to be back at work. As it is the Christmas period, things have been pretty busy. However it’s always good to take on a challenge.  I have been taking part in new responsibilities at work such as being involved in arranging deliveries, and also developing our Amazon account. I am glad that I am able to be involved in a number of things as it is a good learning experience for me and I feel that my role at Wrights Plastics is becoming even better as time goes on.