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Is your reception worth the wait?

Brand is the buzz word of the moment, and although it means lots of things one element concerns how you interact with your customers – over the phone or via social media. For many customers there is first experience is when they arrive in your waiting room.

A point of sale manufacturer can help you turn that first experience into a memorable one for your customer or potential customer. You’ll want the area to be tidy, smart and delivering some key messages and communications – and we can help with all of this.

It won’t cost a fortune either. Here are some hints and tips:

1 - Use poster holders

Keep your posters, messages and photos in excellent condition. Poster holders come in a whole range of sizes and you can have free standing holders for reception desks and coffee tables or great looking wall mounted holders will help you deliver some key brand messages and ensure your waiting room looks bright and tidy. Keep wall mounted items to a minimum – avoid the ‘doctors surgery waiting room’ look where the walls are covered with posters and notices.

2 - Add some brochure holders

If you have a brochure you are proud of – and if not, why not? – then take time to display them properly in an acrylic brochure or leaflet holder. It will show them off at their best and keep the tidily in one place. Again, there are lots of options including freestanding and wall mounted so you can place them strategically around the waiting or reception area.

3 - Use a showcard stand

These really will make an impression at very little cost, and will allow you to communicate key information – about costs, opening times etc – which will actually free up time for staff to carry out other tasks.

As a leading point of sale manufacturer we are happy to advice you on the best and most cost-effective to turn your reception into a room worth waiting for.

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