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Slatwall Shelves

  • Slatwall Acrylic Shelves at Wrights Plastics GPX

    Purpose made Slatwall acrylic shelves help retailers create high impact displays. Slatwall shelves are available in a range of styles, shapes, widths and lengths. They help to display almost any product and the shelves can easily be reconfigured for future displays and promotions.


    Buying Slatwall acrylic shelves

    Wrights Plastics GPX is the UK’s leading manufacturer for Slatwall acrylic shelves. Our shelving can be used to create completely bespoke Slatwall displays. We work with retailers across the UK and Europe to develop a range of shop shelving that is great value and great quality. The shelves support effective displays and in-store promotions and can be used time and time again.

    Our UK-made range includes Slatwall shelves racks alongside a range of specialist POS display products. Everything in the range can be purchased via our e-commerce store with low shipping costs and a 14 Day Returns Guarantee.


    Creative Slatwall displays

    A range of general purpose shelves provide the standard day-to-day shelf for most products. Additional lips, struts and supports offer extra stability and strength if required. We even have a dedicated heavy duty range the create Slatwall displays for heavy items. 

    Specialised shapes and designs are perhaps unique to us. Semi-circular, bow-fronted or oval Slatwall shelves can help you promote more awkwardly shaped items. Also, they help retailers add levels of depth and height. This is important in creating effective in store displays and promotions.


    Slatwall ticket holders

    Ticket holders are another part of the range. Again, these are a really useful feature for many products. They allow information such as prices, branding, promotions and product details to be included as part of the marketing.


    Wrights GPX Slatwall

    Slatwall retail solutions remain a popular shopfitting display system. If you would like to find out more information about our Slatwall acrylic shelves, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. We’ll happily give you advice on how to create the perfect PoS display. 

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  • Everything you need to know about Slatwall | Leading Slatwall Shelf Suppliers

    Wrights GPX are proud to be one of the country’s leading Slatwall shelf suppliers. Slatwall shelves vary in the material used to make them - their size and even shape as well as their construction. Slatwall shelves are designed and made to display almost all products. So whether you are a jewellery store, a tourist information centre, or a sweet shop, Slatwall shelving is the perfect solution for showcasing your goods. 


    What is Slatwall? 

    Metal and glass are used to manufacture Slatwall shelves but most often acrylic is used because it is cheaper, safer and easier to maintain. An acrylic Slatwall shelf can be manufactured with upstands (lips) and supports. These help to promote and display products that vary in weight and shape. Specialist semi-circular Slatwall shelving or bow fronted options are also readily available. We can also supply heavy duty Slatwall shelves for heavy goods such as kitchenware. 


    Kitting the store out with Slatwall shelving 

    Additionally racks, trays and boxes allow for even more products to be successfully displayed & promoted, and they allow retailers to vary their displays. Row after row of identical shelving can become boring but acrylic shelving can offer variety.  


    Can a Slatwall shelf display any product?

    There are probably some products that cannot be displayed on a Slatwall shelf. However, at Wrights GPX we believe 99% of products can be displayed with an off-the-shelf (sorry!) product from our range. We have worked with retailers since 1969 to develop display solutions that meet the challenge of new products and changing consumer behaviour. We move towards experiential displays to bring customers back to the High Street. The latest Slatwall display solutions allow retailers to develop high impact displays that appeal to shoppers’ senses – sight and touch in particular.

    In addition we have developed some niche products for niche products. In our range you’ll find products to display sporting goods and umbrellas, fashion and footwear, gift wrap and gift cards, stationery and many other specialist products.


    The benefits of Slatwall

    Unlike their competitor materials, acrylic shelves are genuinely low cost. This allows retailers to cheaply build up their Slatwall accessories and furniture. Keeping a variety of shelves, racks, trays, and specialist POS displays, allows them to constantly reinvent their product display. 


    Contact us today

    If you are looking for Slatwall shelf solutions or would like to find out more about furnishing your store with Slatwall then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • A Guide to Slatwall Shelving | Everything You Need to Know

    Slatwall shelving is one of the most versatile shelving options for any retail environment. The cost of Slatwall will vary. However, here at Wrights Plastics GPX, we offer Slatwall shelves at extremely competitive prices. Slatwall is one of the world’s bestselling shopfitting systems. It is used to create the ideal shopping environment for customers. Therefore, shops can sell quickly and cost effectively. Once your Slatwall shelving is fitted, you may wish to consider investing in other Slatwall products too. Some various sized shelves, racks and trays will help you make the most of your Slatwall frames and panels and create the best shop fitting. 

    What type of Slatwall Shelving do I need?

    The choice of Slatwall shelving and POS will depend on the store layout and the type of goods to be displayed and sold. Wrights GPX sell a range of general purpose Slatwall shelves – a good place to start. As with most other products in the range, these shelves are offered in a range of widths and lengths to offer flexibility of display.

    Is there a Slatwall shelf for every product?

    Wrights Plastics GPX has developed perhaps the UK’s largest range of Slatwall shelves, racks and accessories. We believe there are very few products that cannot be displayed and promoted. (Perhaps you could put us to the test?). Our UK-based team will answer any questions and help you choose the right product for your product! 

    What type of Slatwall shelves can I buy?

    Wrights Plastics GPX has developed a huge range of Slatwall shelves. These include semi-circular Slatwall shelves, oval shelves, single and double lipped shelves, heavy duty Slatwall shelves, sloping shelves, as well as a range of trays and racks. These different shapes and styles have been developed to help retailers display almost any product, in effective eye-catching displays. Individual items can be purchased separately online.

    Can I add POS to Slatwall Shelves?

    We have developed a range of Slatwall shelves that incorporate print sleeves. These can be used for pricing, product, promotional or branding information. They are ideal for making sure the printed info is seen exactly where it needs to be seen. The shelves come in a variety of sizes and can be viewed here.

    What are Slatwall Shelves made from?

    Slatwall shelves are made in a range of different materials, but the most popular are glass, metal and acrylic Slatwall shelves. Each material has their advantages, but acrylic has become the most popular choice for a number of reasons. They are generally cheaper than other options, whilst maintaining the same levels of durability and rigidity. They are lighter than glass, and easier to maintain than metal versions. Acrylic is recyclable – and once recycled is used to manufacture a range of products.

    Fit your shop with Slatwall today

    To find out more about about Slatwall shelving or any of our other Slatwall accessories, head to our website today. Alternatively, call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • Are Slatwall Shop Fittings Still a Good Choice for Shop Owners?

    A popular choice for shop fittings, Slatwall has been around for a number of years. Therefore, it is easy to think it has been surpassed as an option for store owners. But with its low cost and flexibility, alongside its huge range of shelves and accessories, Slatwall is still the best choice for many retailers. Here at Wrights Plastics, we are proud to be leading Point of Sale manufacturers. We stock an extensive selection of Slatwall display solutions and accessories. 


    Effective Shop Fittings

    If you’re looking for shop fittings that will clearly and effectively display goods, then Slatwall offers the best solution. Most of the available wall and floor space can be utilised using Slatwall. Therefore, it is easy to add Slatwall shelves, racks, trays, troughs and containers to display an unlimited range of products.

    The choice of display shelves is endless. There are lots of specialist options to choose from too, if you need something more specific. From Slatwall sports equipment displays to gift wrap, from clothing to stationery, choosing Slatwall will not limit your ability to display products. In fact, because Slatwall is still so popular, the display options continue to grow. As a result, they meet the needs of new products and consumer behaviour. The ability to tailor and optimise your store, from the floor space right down to what kind of hook to use, is just one of the main reasons why Slatwall provides the ultimate shop fitting.


    Maximise Shop Wall Space

    It won’t take long to realise you can cleverly use your Slatwall display, and the associated shelves and accessories, to make the most of your wall space. And unlike other retail display systems or options, you won’t need any specialist help after your initial shop fit out. Fitting and removing the shelves takes seconds, and no skill!


    Cost Effective Shop Displays

    Slatwall is relatively inexpensive compared to more elaborate shop fitting options. Margins are always being squeezed in retail. Therefore, it is wise to choose a system that helps promote products (including higher margin items), without being too expensive. Marketing and promotional trends are constantly evolving. However, the low cost of acrylic Slatwall shelving means you can constantly update and improve your display, without eating into your profits. Slatwall shelves and display products are guaranteed to prove an investment in the continuing growth of your business.


    Investing in Acrylic

    Look for high quality shelves and display products when it comes to creating Point of Sale displays. Acrylic shelves are long-lasting, and the clarity of the acrylic will not obscure any product display. Therefore, it will always look ‘new’ and will be easier to clean and maintain. Here at Wrights Plastics, we’ve got a wide range of acrylic shelving and accessories to choose from. All of which can support the growth and promotion of your business and its products.


    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find out more about our shop fittings then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Why Slatwall is a Smart Choice for Retailers

    Using Slatwall in our shop fitting services means that you pick up the keys to your new shop and realise that the shell has to be turned into a shop – and fast.

    Fitting the shop out has many possible solutions. However, Slatwall (or Slatfix or Groovewall) remains a popular display system choice for many good reasons. This includes the huge (and growing) range of Slatwall shelves and accessories that will enable you to display, promote, and sell a limitless range of products.


    Shop Fitting Services

    The shop fitting scheme that you choose will determine the potential retail space available within your store. As well as how it is laid out, how customers move within it and how products will be displayed and advertised to customers. The choice of design affects the entire interior of your store. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right shop fittings company to execute your plans.

    Slatwall is a little like the ‘open source’ of shopfitting systems. There is a whole community of happy Slatwall users offering advice and inspiration. As well as a whole range of specialists developing Slatwall shelves and display solutions. All of which will keep up to date with the latest products and consumer behaviour.


    What is a Slatwall?

    Slatwall is a type of shop fitting which uses thin panels (or slats) of wood or acrylic, each separated by a thin gap. As a result, creating a versatile, space-efficient and cost-effective display solution. Thanks to the gaps between the slats, it’s possible to attach shelving, hooks and other display accessories quickly and easily. You can slide them in and change them as necessary by sliding them out, or lifting them free of the gap.

    Once fitted the Slatwall shelves and display products hold themselves in place by the force of gravity. They also don’t require additional work to affix them. This makes Slatwall easy to use (no specialist installation is usually required after your initial fit-out). It also makes Slatwall quick to use, i.e. it won’t take long to create an impactful display. Acrylic Slatwall shelves are incredible value for money. It is inexpensive to build up a sizeable collection of display items, that means you can keep developing your shop display at very little cost. Maintaining customer interest in your display is important, and Slatwall allows you to this easily.


    Why Choose Slatwall for your Shop Fitting?

    Using Slatwall in our shop fitting services means that we can offer unmatched versatility, space efficiency and ease of use. With Slatwall there are no empty spaces, and no space that cannot become invaluable retail display space. For retailers of all sizes and types, maximising the available display space is essential for profitability. Slatwall helps you create a bespoke shopfitting that will achieve this and more.


    Can I Add Slatwall Shelves?

    As mentioned, the sheer range and cost-effectiveness of Slatwall shelves is another reason to opt for Slatwall display. High quality acrylic shelves are made to be used in even the busiest retail environment. Plus, the range of sizes, shapes and styles is a real bonus for smart retailers looking to make the most of their current product range – and to add new products that grow in popularity.


    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find out more information about our shop fitting services then head to our website today. Alternatively, call 0121 580 3080 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

  • Biggest January Slatwall Clearance Announced

    Slatwall shelves for sweater and jumper displayWe've announced our biggest ever stock Slatwall clearance.

    We've slashed the price of 100s of Slatwall shelves, Slatwall trays, troughs and boxes. As well as Slatwall racks and other display products, hooks and accessories.

    Stock is VERY LIMITED on some products. Once sold, these products will not be restocked, therefore, it's time to stock up and save while you can.

    As well as general purpose Slatwall shelves, we are also reducing loads of specialist products for product ranges. Including the likes of sports equipment, clothing & footwear, eyewear and gift wrap.

    Slatwall Clearance Offers Savings of Up to 75%

    There are significant savings to be made on most of the products in our Slatwall range. Our savings start at 25% and increase to 75% on selected Slatwall shelves.

    We've established a reputation as the UK's #1 maker & supplier of Slatwall shelves and other accessories. Made by us in the UK from high quality durable acrylic our Slatwall products are durable and designed for use in the busiest retail locations. We believe we have a Slatwall display solution for almost every product, and all our products are offered at great prices.

    Our Slatwall range can be used in Groovewall panels too.

    With our recently announced NO MIN VALUE ORDER on the website you can buy as little as you need from our Slatwall clearance to suit your display requirements & product range. But as an incentive we offer FREE DELIVERY on all UK mainland orders £85 or over (plus vat).

    The Slatwall clearance runs throughout January 2019 and you can see the complete clearance range here.

  • Slatwall Shelves Specialist Offers Solutions

    Slatwall shelves for sweater and jumper displayWrights GPX has established an unbeatable reputation as perhaps the UK’s leading name in Slatwall shelves and accessories – and they believe they have a display solution for almost any product.

    The Slatwall shelves are manufactured by Wrights Plastics at their UK West Bromwich manufacturing base, as well as a massive range of point of sale display and retail display products.

    The acrylic fabricator produce a huge range of Slatwall shelves and accessories and the range is updated to include new products and take account of changing consumer behaviour. Some Slatwall shelves incorporate ticket holders and sign holders to allow branding and promotions to be easily included.

    Slatwall remains perhaps the ideal shop-fit solution providing a totally flexible merchandising platform with an instant makeover of the previous decoration. It is probably the most versatile way of transforming plain walls into effective and maximised merchandising areas and is easy to install, versatile, economical and available in many different colours and finishes. In addition, there are now literally 1000s of Slatwall display products that can help any retailer make the most of their product lines. Hard to display and awkwardly shaped items are no longer a display nightmare as there are Slatwall display solutions to hand. There is even more good news. The vast majority of Slatwall display products offer exceptional value. Not only is the cost low, but buying from the right manufacturer means you are investing in products that are made to last and can be used again & again, season after season.

    Why choose Slatwall Shelves from Wrights GPX?

    We are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Slatwall display products. From our base in West Bromwich we make 1000s of products using high quality material. We have developed and prototyped lots of specialist display products – responding to changing markets, new product launches and the needs of our client base of specialist and general retailers across the UK.

    Established in 1969 we are a family-run business committed to UK jobs and manufacturing. Our history of investment in people and leading-edge technology has helped ensure we remain competitive in a global economy. Our bespoke division provides retail display solutions for big name brands such as Selfridges, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Arcadia Group and many others. Buying direct means customers are assured of the best value – and we offer massive discounts for bulk purchases.

    Need some ideas on the best Slatwall shelves and products to display your product ranges? Look no further as we have a brief guide to help you make the most of almost every product range from the 1000s of Slatwall shelves and Slatwall accessories to choose from.

    Accessories. It is a wide term so many trays and troughs may be perfect for a range of smaller accessories but there are also a good range of display products for specific items such as hats, purses & bagssunglasses and fashion jewellery and charms.

    Books.   Coming in lots of shapes and sizes but often a big money product range, there are is a range of book display supportsracks and multimedia Slatwall shelves that can be used to display and store a wide range of books.

    Slatwall shelves gift wrap dispenserCards. Greetings cards and seasonal card sales are potentially big sellers for general retailers and fortunately there is a comprehensive range of Slatwall products that are made specifically for this sector. Card racks can be combined with gift wrap racks, troughs and dispensers to maximise gift card and wrap sales.

    Cosmetics. In 2015, the UK cosmetics industry was valued at £17b and ranges include everything from high-end to organic brands, fun ranges and men’s products. There are a range of Slatwall shelves that can be used. Shelves with ticket price holders will help support brands and customer communications and specific cosmetic trays will enable retailers to lots of products in a clear and eye-catching way. Distinctly shaped shelves will add interest and appeal.

    Crafting. This is another sector that has seen massive growth in recent years and many ranges are easily introduced into a retailer’s product range. The subject covers lots of products but standard shelves, trays and troughs should offer all the display options needed and Slatwall stationery items can also be useful.

    Fashion. More and more retailers are adding fashion items to their general ranges as these become cheaper and more widely available. The Slatwall range is up for the challenge, with specialised products to help retailers make the most of ranges including hats, caps, gloves, shirts, sweaters & jumpers. Touch here for more details.

    Food & Drink. A staple ‘diet’ for most retailers so it is not surprising that there are plenty of Slatwall options here, with lots of trays, shelves and troughs. Heavy duty shelves will support weightier food items and a bow fronted tray offers space and appeal.

    Gifts. The term covers a wide variety of products so it is a handy that there is a wide variety of Slatwall solutions, from trays and troughs in a variety of sizes. Additionally Slatwall shelves often include useful lips to retain goods and many also offer a price ticket holder for you to add that all important branding info. A useful display item is the 2way shelf. It can be used as a flat shelf when needed or turned over for use as a handy tray for gifts – a perfect 2-for-1!

    Gift Wrap. As with gift cards (see above) Slatwall offers loads of products designed to make the most of your gift wrap sales, and they can all be found here. You’ll find racks, dispensers, boxes, rails and containers for all your wrap, bows, ribbons and cards – brilliant for all year round sales or to boost seasonal sales such as Xmas and Valentine’s Day.

    Jewellery. Jewellery ranges keep on selling. From high end lines to fun fashion jewellery as well as the demand for charm bangles & bracelets, many non-specialist retailers are adding jewellery ranges either as standalone lines or to upsell with fashion, gifts, accessories & cosmetic ranges. We have put together a selection of jewellery display products here.

    slatwall shelves for magazines and newspapersMagazines. Despite the rise of digital access, magazines remain a core range for many retailers and there are plenty of products to help you display magazines and promote new issues, special editions and seasonal print. In addition to magazine racks in a variety of shapes, there are standard Slatwall shelves with deep lips that can be used to display magazines.

    Mobile Phones. Usefully many Slatwall cradles for phones also include pockets for pricing & product info to make it really easy to sell the benefits of the latest must have mobiles. Touch here to find out more.

    Spectacles & sunglasses. Again another Slatwall range that appeals to specialist retailers & opticians, as well as general retailers adding a high margin product line especially during the summer season. There are plenty of options to suit the number of lines sold. Find them here.

    Sports Equipment. Sports equipment sells but is often difficult to display – until now. There is now a range of high quality low cost display solutions for everything from footballs to tennis rackets, golf clubs to golf umbrellas and lots of clothing and sporting accessories in between and now our Slatwall sports equipment range is gathered in one handy location.

    Stationery. With strong sales all year round and lots of season boosts such as Back to School and Christmas, stationery items are a must-have for most general retailers. Often difficult to display, we have overcome that issue by putting together a range of Slatwall stationery display products that offer effective display solutions at unbeatable value. The range includes dispensers, trays, bins and even complete units.

    Why not download Guide to Slatwall Shelves, Racks and Point of Sale Display for easy reference?

  • It’s a Slatwall spectacular as we launch discount promotion

    slatwall discount promotionFor 1 week only we are offering 15% discount of our entire Slatwall range. Choose from 100s of products at unbeatable ‘direct from manufacturer’ prices – and then take another 15% off.

    We have become the leading name in the manufacturer and supply of Slatwall products, working with retailers to develop new products to help them display & promote any item. Made by us at our West Bromwich base, the Slatwall range is manufactured from high impact durable acrylic – these products are designed to withstand even the busiest retail environments.

    Our complete range is included in the week long Slatwall discount promotion

    To grab 15% off your Slatwall selection simply enter promo code SLAT1 at MYCART and we’ll do the rest. Choose from our unbeatable range of

    Here’s how our Slatwall Spectacular works

    1. Visit the website and add the products you want to your basket
    2. At MYCART enter the code SLAT1 in the box on the left hand side of the page. We’ll take 15% off the cost of the items in your basket (VAT & delivery are excluded)
    3. Go to checkout and pay in your usual manner. The min order is just £20 and you can use the promo code as many times as you want
    4. Promotion launches 00:01 on Monday 10th July & ends 23:59 Sunday 16th Offer applies to online orders only
    5. Spend £85 or more (after discount) and we offer free delivery. Order before 12noon & receive FREE next working day delivery. For our complete delivery costs go here.

    If you have any other queries call us on 0121 580 3080

  • Slatwall Shelves An ABC Guide

    Our ABC guide to helping you make the most of your Slatwall displays. There are literally 100s Slatwall shelves, racks, containers and trays available to purchase – and these will help you boost displays, maximise sales and increase profits

    A is for Acrylic

    Glass, wooden and metal Slatwall shelves can all be sourced and have a role to play, but the bread & butter Slatwall shelves are manufactured from acrylic. Acrylic has lots of advantages for the retailer: it is lightweight, safe & shatterproof; it is easy to clean & maintain, and it is low cost compared to other materials. This means retailers can buy and store lots of shelves at very little cost. But not all acrylic is created equal; look out for high quality, high impact acrylic as this will last longer & is an investment for the long term.

    B is for Bow Fronted

    bow fronted slatwall shelvesIdeal for a range of products especially T-shaped items such as cameras, the bow fronted Slatwall shelf is a smart way to add a little extra interest to your display – bringing any product closer to the potential customer.

    C is for Cards, Gift Wrap and Stationery

    These are high margin products that many retailers, from general traders to specialist independents, can use to add a valuable income stream. But they are also notoriously difficult to display effectively. There are a range of Slatwall options to help: long boxes for rolled gift wrap, gift wrap dispensers and hanging rails for sheets of wrapping paper, ribbon or tag dispensers, and a host of trays, boxes  and containers for a whole range of products and accessories. Now you really can make the most of these ranges with very little investment.

    F is for Fashion

    Many retailers are adding fashion items to their range such as sweaters, footwear, T-shirts etc. Creating an effective display is essential when marketing fashion items and there is a range of slatfix shelves designed for clothing displays including footwear items to best effect.

    G is for General Purpose

    general purpose slatwall shelvesThe name doesn’t inspire but there are literally 100s of shelves marked ‘general purpose’ that can be used to display a whole range of products. Every retailer should invest in a range of these general purpose Slatwall shelves. They will help them to display almost any item they have in their range and the variety of sizes means they can mix-and-match to maximum effect.

    J is for Jewellery

    The growth is jewellery sales never seems to slow. High end jewellers continue to sell their high level ranges in good times or bad. But jewellery is also fun & fashion-related and lots of non-specialist retailers have added ranges of fashion watches, charms, bangles & bracelets to complement their range of clothing, footwear, accessories, handbags and lots more. There are lots of Slatwall shelves designed for jewellery display – ensuring you can make the most of your product ranges.

    H is for Hooks

    Slatwall hooks are another essential and there is plenty to choose from: different colour finishes and lengths can complement or contrast, add depth and interest to your displays.

    I is for Injection Moulded

    We won’t get technical but for the buyers injection moulded products are strong and stable and therefore manufactured to last. In addition, the efficiency of the injection moulding process means products offer low cost and less waste than other processes.

    O is for Oval

    Oval slatwall shelvesOval Slatwall shelves are perfect for lots of products and are used to add some variety to effective retail displays. Available in a range of sizes. Look out also for bow-fronted and semi-circular options.

    P is for Panels

    Slatwall panels are the very foundation of the Slatwall system. They remain popular with shopfitters and retailers because they are a really cost-effective way of turning a shell into a sales area, and they can maximise the available display space. Low-cost and easy to install, Slatwall will continue to be a popular choice – and Slatwall shelves will continue to develop and expand to meet new products and new marketing ideas.

    S is for Sports

    slatwall shelvesLike gift wrap (see above) lots of retailers are put off selling sports goods because they can be difficult to display – but there are lots of off-the-shelf (sorry!) solutions that can be used to display everything from footballs to hockey sticks, trainers to tennis rackets.

    T is for Ticket Holders

    Or Price Holders. Or branding info. Or sales support. It’s up to you how to make the most of the opportunity but in terms Slatwall shelves with ‘ticket holders’ offer a plastic pocket at the front of the shelf that can hold print – use it wisely and use it well to boost sales and brand. The pocket will vary in size.

    T is for Two Way

    These are another great example of Slatwall shelf versatility. Fixed one way, it offers a handy flat shelf for everyday use; turned the other way, it is now a useful tray or flat shelf with upstand that is brilliant for a whole range of products.  2-for-1 Slatwall shelf value that no shop should be without.

    V is for Variety

    If you’ve been reading carefully, you’ll know that we believe variety is really important in effective displays. Using size, shape and depth is important and easily achieved; updating and creating new is also easily achievable as acrylic Slatwall shelves are made to last and are great value. So there is no excuse for tired old displays that sap interest and sales.

    Z is for Zig Zag

    Zig Zag slatwall shelvesDividers on the flat shelf create the zig zag effect – and the zig zig Slatwall shelves are therefore perfect for such items as books, CDS, DVDs etc.

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