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shelf barkers and price tickets

  • Shelf talkers & how to use them effectively

    Using shelf talkers is a fine balance between too little and too much but our handy guide will help you make the most of your shelf talkers.
    Over use of shelf talkers risks information overload, and important product, brand and pricing messages get overlooked as customers cannot make out the wood for the trees. Too few shelf talkers and you miss out on great opportunities to sell, upsell and cross sell, and generally improve sales and profits.

    Our easy to action guide to making the most of your shelf talkers

    Clear shelf talkers Bold typography and imagery help make an effective shelf talker

    Update regularly. Information soon becomes stale and customers easily overlook messages that remain unchanged for a number of days, so ensure you update talkers regularly.
    Keep it brief. Ensure messages are brief and to the point. Don’t mix messages.
    Sell benefits. It’s the oldest cliché in the marketing book but always sell benefits not features. So while a product selling for a £1 is always good news, it is even better if it ‘our lowest price ever’ or ‘while stocks last’ or ‘limited stock’ or ‘lowest price locally’ – these are the reasons to push people into making a buying decision.
    Be bold. Make sure everything can be seen clearly. Use clear, large fonts and introduce colour to make sure your message is seen. Add images if possible. Try handwriting messages for a personalised look. Use humour (with care) and local knowledge to create compelling messages that make your store stand out from the crowd. Use personal recommendations from you & the team to create a less generic feel to the store.

    Colour Co-ordinate. Try using different colours for different types of messages – green for prices reductions, red for new products & blue for product features etc.

    Use different shelf talkers. Shelf talkers are cheap and durable. They are manufactured in many different formats so you can vary your display and make the most of the space available by using talkers that fit on, below and above shelves.

    Personalised Shelf Talkers Personal recommendations can increase sales & support branding

    Link to other instore marketing. If you are featuring products or offers on A-boards, window displays and signage then shelf talkers need to be the final link in this marketing chain, a final confirmation to the customer that they have reached the promoted product & a final chance to emphasise the marketing message.

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