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Retail Display

  • Looking for Displays for Retail? Wrights Plastics GPX Can Help

    We think there are some great reasons to buy your POS displays for retail from us. In fact, with all of our signage and display items and our shop fitting accessories, you’ll find everything you need with us. We’re one of the country’s leading suppliers of retail display equipment. However, our service starts long before the checkout. As experts in point of sale displays, we’ll happily talk you through all of the suitable options for your store before matching you up with the perfect shop fitting. 


    Who is Wrights Plastics GPX?

    Wrights Plastics GPX is the off-the-shelf displays for retail brand of Wrights Plastics. Established in 1969, Wrights Plastics is a leading UK acrylic fabricator. We manufacture a range of components and products from plastic, in a range of its forms. Products include parts and components for industry and the automotive sector, as well as POS retail display.


    Is Wrights Plastics GPX a manufacturer?

    Unlike many of our competitors, Wrights GPX manufacture most of the products we sell online. 95% of the Wrights GPX range is manufactured by us here, at our West Bromwich manufacturing base. We are committed to UK manufacturing. Therefore, we invest £100,000 annually in the very best kit and people to make sure we manufacture to the highest, most efficient standards possible.


    Why Choose Wrights Plastics GPX?

    As a POS manufacturer, our customers are assured of the best quality items across our range of around 1000 POS products. Using the highest quality material means the products are durable. They are designed to be used year-after-year even in the busiest locations. Furthermore, buying from the manufacturer means you are buying at genuinely low ‘direct from manufacturer’ prices. You won’t find this quality at these prices elsewhere. 


    Do Wrights Plastics GPX offer a returns service?

    Yes. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can return your purchase for a refund or replacement products. Our UK-based support team are around to help you choose the right product before you buy, but if you end up with the wrong product, we make it as easy as possible to return your items. For full details of our Returns Policy go here.


    Can I find Wrights GPX on social media?

    You can find us on both Twitter and Facebook. They are great ways to keep up to date with our latest products news, product launches and the latest clearance items.


    Shop displays for retail today

    For more information about our POS displays for retail products, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Tips for an Effective PoS Retail Display | Using Poster Display Stands

    If you need help creating effective PoS retail displays, you are in the right place. Our poster display stands can do just that. We’ve got four great tips to help you create eye-catching, sales-boosting, brand-building displays in your store today. From choosing the right products to adding the right sign holders, we’ve got your display needs covered. Create the perfect Point of Sale display with our high quality retail display solutions.


    Tip 1 - Get interactive

    Immersive retail experiences are where it’s at. However, you don’t need to go hi-tech, or big-budget, to create a truly immersive customer experience that customers will love and remember.

    When you first set up the store, one of your main goals was probably to do with making sure you were friendly and personal with customers. Ensure you do just that by creating immersive and interactive displays. 

    Think back to the reasons why you set up your store. Getting up front and personal with customers was probably one of the top reasons. Look across your products, and find a way that you can engage with customers. All whilst promoting the goods at the same time. Ideas might include food tasting, product testing, product making, colour testing, customer seating, product personalisation, etc. The interactivity is obvious – the immersive experience in the smells, sounds, sights etc.

    Make sure you keep communications clear and relevant to your brand still. You can use clear sign holders to keep customers informed and engaged.


    Tip 2-  Keep it clear with poster display stands

    Using the right PoS solutions, such as poster display stands, you can make sure your displays are clear and concise. It’s relatively easy to create lovely welcoming displays when you sell lovely looking products. However, sometimes the point of the display is not clear to customers. They need to know very basic information. For example, where to find the products in the store, what the prices are, and what are the benefits of buying these products from your store today.

    That’s a lot of information to relay. Therefore, you’ll need to use your best branding, best design and best sign & poster holders to keep messaging clear and relevant. But the upside will see an immediate boost in sales, and a longer term benefit in brand building. Using an acrylic poster holder is a great way to draw even more attention to your advertisement. It also keeps your store looking organised and professional. 


    Tip 3 - Make It Change

    It can be tempting to stick with what you know that works best. However, it is important to mix things up and try new types of visual merchandising. Ideally you’ll be planning your next displays, even as you put the finishing touches to your current ones. There is lots to plan. Starting with the products you want to promote, where the display will feature in store, and the theme. You’ll then need to make sure you have the print to support it. As well as the acrylic poster frame to display it. 


    Tip 4 - Details, Details, Details

    The success of any retail display is often in the detailing. That detailing stretches from one type of display, and then across everything else too. It’s often well applied simple details that create a great display. It’s these small details that have as much impact on your brand as your sales too.

    Ensure the price ticket holders are uniform, the print has the same design, and the font & font colour are the same. Create uniformity in the way products are displayed. Pick a theme, and make sure you stick to it.  


    Contact us today

    If you would like to find out more information about our visual merchandising solutions - including our poster display stands - then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Sign Holder Retail Solutions at Wright GPX | The Importance of PoP Marketing

    Companies spend billions every year on displays and other forms of POP marketing. From a sign holder to a literature stand, investing in the right point-of-purchase displays and programs can truly help boost sales and influence purchases. 


    Creating an Effective Retail Display with the Use of a Sign Holder

    Effective sign holder usage throughout your store is a great way to help enhance sales, and customer experience. The average consumer is exposed to 3,000 advertising and promotional messages a day. They also have more than 80,000 items to choose from in a single store visit. With this in mind, a shopper’s intentions can and do change in a split second. For any retailer, developing effective POS is essential to building brands and boosting sales. As well as developing effective long term relations with customers. In an increasingly competitive market, where competition is virtual as well as real, a creative and enticing POS retail display can contribute to the level of positive experience that consumers are looking for.


    POS Retail Display & the Customer Journey

    As the typical shopper walks through a store, their eyes are only still for 200-300 milliseconds at a time. The decision on whether to stick with a familiar brand, or buy a rival product, is made in just three to seven seconds. Unsurprisingly, six in ten in-store purchases can be classified as impulse buys. With the help of innovative PoS display stands, you can help to guide the customer to exactly where you would like them to be on your shop floor. Once you grasp shoppers’ motivations and needs, you need to understand how they move through your store and use the various zones in the environment. You can then place your retail sign holders in effective locations throughout the store. 

    Maximizing your POS display program results requires a combination of:

    • Great design
    • Effective display of this design using sign holders and POS retail display products
    • A clear understanding of display economics
    • Exceptional execution of all aspects of the display program


    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find out more about choosing the right sign holder for your store, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • How Green is your Plastic Flyer Holder?

    The humble plastic flyer holder might not seem important in the global campaign to support the environment. However, as concern for the environment is increasing, every aspect of business is being looked at from an environmental point of view. As a result, engaging in environmentally friendly business practices has never been as important as it is now.


    Environmentally Friendly Business Practices

    Retailers, the hospitality sector, and of course local authorities are looking to minimise their impact on the environment. That includes their supply chains, and that brings us back to the humble leaflet holder.

    Most leaflet holders and brochure stands are manufactured from some form of plastic, and all plastics are bad, right? Well, not right. Reducing the use of single-use plastics is of major concern globally. Most of us have seen the terrible images of single use plastic polluting the seas and rivers. As well as causing damage to the wildlife who call such habitats home. However, our literature stands are made from multi-use plastic, and the good news is multi-use plastic can be recycled. Think of the plastics that you recycle at home. These are the same types of plastic that are used to make most commercial leaflet holders and brochure holders, menu stands and POS retail displays. Once recycled, the resulting product is used in the manufacture of many other products.

    Plastic Flyer Holder & Sustainability

    So how can a plastic flyer holder be thought of as sustainable? Sustainability is a much larger picture than recyclability. Sustainability is concerned with the long term reduction of processes and actions, that adversely impact on the environment. One useful way to reduce environmental impact is to buy products that have as long a useable life as possible. Constant replacement of even the most basic POS displays is the least sustainable choice for buyers. So, choosing high quality products is not just common sense, it makes environmental sense too.

    Choosing the Right Manufacturer of PoS Solutions

    High quality products are likely to be manufactured by reputable POS retail display manufacturers, such as Wrights GPX. Be sure to check out environmental policies, aspirations and successes. If companies don’t make such info readily available, they might not have any environmental concerns at all. Another aspect of sustainable manufacturing is the efficiency of production processes. Investment in new machinery and technology is likely to mean faster process, less waste and lower energy use. All better news for the environment. Even the humble leaflet holder has a story to tell in the campaign for a better environment.

    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find out more about our wall mounted leaflet holders and plastic flyer holder solutions, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • The Four P’s | Choosing the Right A5 Leaflet Holder

    If you’re looking for an a5 leaflet holder then you will be faced with many different options to choose from. Here at Wrights GPX, as a leading supplier of PoS solutions (including UK made leaflet holders), we’ve put together a brief guide to helping you choose the right holder every time. We call it ‘The Four P’s’.


    Purpose - What is the Purpose of the A5 Leaflet Holder

    Do you want your a5 leaflet holder to feature a single leaflet or lots of leaflets? Are you looking to place leaflet holders close to individual products or services? Do you want to use leaflet holders on counter tops, and reception desks? Do you want to create a statement with the holder?

    For retailers, we’ve got plastic leaflet holders that can be used across the whole store. With such a broad range of PoS solutions available, you can make the most of all of the space available. For example, walls and cash desks. Our holders can also be placed next to individual products, or ranges, to help enhance sales and promote your services even further. This flexibility will allow you to clearly communicate prices, brand information and relevant content.

    For non-retail environments, we’ve got leaflet holders that will help you place important information in front of visitors, members and other users of your services. Our floor standing leaflet holders can be used to display large amounts of leaflets. They are ideal to fill spaces that aren’t often used. If you’re looking to promote something 24/7, you may be interested in our outdoor leaflet holders.


    Position - Where Do you Want to Put your A5 Leaflet Holder?

    It is vital that leaflets are placed where they are most likely to be seen and picked up. For example, a 50% sale across certain products should be promoted across the store but most importantly, the advertisement needs to be as close to the actual products as possible. Look at your display, and decide where in the store would be most useful to place it. If it’s about certain products, it needs to be near them, so that it can slowly guide the consumer to the actual product itself. However, if your leaflets are about changes to services or opening hours, they need to be located in a place that the consumer is definitely going to be at - such as the reception desk.

    There’s unlikely to be just one effective place to host your leaflet holder, so it is worth considering different types of literature holders so that you can market effectively in different locations of the store/building.


    Print Size - How Big are your Leaflets?

    Brochures and leaflets come in a wide range of sizes with brochures often in  A4 or A5 sizes and leaflets in A5 or A6. Another common size for a leaflet is 1/3 A4 (also known as DL) - this is  the size of an A4 sheet of paper folded twice along the long side. Be mindful that leaflets can also be printed Landscape (long) or Portrait (tall) and you will need a leaflet holder specifically for landscape or portrait print. With a huge range of Slatwall leaflet holders on offer, you’ll be able to pick the perfect holder for your literature.


    Price - Looking for Good Value Accessories

    It is important to look for value and quality when choosing brochure, leaflet and ticket holders as these will be reflecting the value and quality of your business too. Cheap leaflet holders won’t last long and will need to be replaced - and the finish means the material is often opaque, preventing the leaflets being seen in all their full glory. By using established and quality PoS products from our Slatwall accessories range, you can be sure that you’ll be using reliable, presentable and professional goods each time.  


    Contact Us Today

    For more information on our a5 leaflet holders then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Selling Pick and Mix | Everything You Need to Know

    Pick and Mix remains as popular today, as ever. It seems that, despite health and dietary concerns, we still have a sweet tooth to be satisfied. Today, the Pick and Mix market includes traditional Pick and Mix, loose sweets and a growing ‘Retro’ market. ‘Old fashioned sweet shops’ are a popular and growing trend, where shoppers can take advantage of packed sweet stands full of boiled sweets, liquorice, and bonbons.


    A Growing Industry

    Research shows that the confectionery market is worth more than £5.5bn. The sweet sector makes up a substantial £1.3bn of sales (Nielsen). Plus, its impulse nature (“I’ll just grab some sweets on the way home”) makes it a popular choice for convenience stores and local ‘corner shop’ retailers. Convenience accounts for nearly a quarter (24%) of total confectionery sales. There is also a growing number of ‘Retro’ sweet shops found in major cities. As well as tourist venues and ‘farmers' market’ food events. Here at Wrights GPX, as a leading supplier and manufacturer of PoS solutions. We’ve got everything you need to equip your sweet store with, including confectionery displays, stands, and scoops.


    The Origin of Pick and Mix

    It is a well-known fact that Pick and Mix began in the USA, thanks to legendary retailer Frank Woolworth. The Woolworth Museum details how Pick and Mix was an essential ingredient of his first store in 1886. By 1910, sweets were also a part of the UK chain. Although the sweets were incredibly popular with shoppers early on, the firm only adopted the customer nickname 'pick n mix' in the 1950s, years after it was first used. By the 1930s Woolworth’s had established themselves as the UK’s leading confectionery retailer. Unsurprisingly, Pick and Mix was a major bestseller. Woolworths closed in November 2008. However, this merely temporarily halted the growth of Pick and Mix sweets. With high margins, the product range found itself in more and more locations. Retailers, of course, but also petrol forecourts, theatres, charity events and fundraisers, weddings and kids parties.


    Pick and Mix Sweet Stands

    Storing, dispensing and displaying is low-cost, with a wide range of Pick and Mix stands, sweet dispensers and sweet stands available. This century has seen the appearance of many Retro confectionery shops, both in the High Street and online. The non-individually wrapped market is valued at around £800m, so it is easy to see why so many people want a ‘bite’ of the market. Here at Wrights GPX, we can help you create the perfect retail environment for selling sweets and confectionery. With a wide range of quality and cost-effective sweet accessories on offer, you can be sure to find exactly what you need with us. Our pick and mix dispensers are available in different sizes, and with different pick n mix stands available too. Therefore, you can create the perfect set up for your shoppers.


    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find out more about our sweet dispensers and sweet stands, head to our website today. Alternatively, call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Top display ideas that we loved at Autumn Fair

    Autumn Fair was great! What Spring Fair’s little sister lacks in size it makes up for in ideas & inspiration (and enthusiasm). Each year we are amazed at the thought, hard work and dedication that goes in to creating so many stand-out stands!

    As the masters of retail display & Point of Sale display we use Autumn Fair as a guide to what’s hot in the world of display. So here are some of our favourite things from this year’s exhibition.

    1. There’s a whole load of faking going on

    Faux plants are everywhere this year. We’ve been using then in lots of interior displays and this years Autumn Fair confirmed this a definite trend for 2019. There seems to be no end to the types of faux plants and flowers on offer – so realistic, so colourful and such a great finishing touch to the display of lots of different products.

    1. Rustic Renaissance

    Perhaps it’s a concern for the environment, perhaps its another retro trend or perhaps its just because it simply looks so good, but the rustic look is in and everywhere. From subtle display touches to all over concepts, rustic displays are adding a touch of Arcadian elegance to lots of different window & interior displays.

    1. Deep and Warm & Hot

    Following on from the above, the hot colour trends for the season are deep earthy tones. This palette adds warmth and richness to any interior or display, creating an aura of calm and connecting with the customer on an organic way. Use in blocks or add subtle touches of these tones through fabric, paint or products used.

    1. Down Mexico Way

    Again, not unconnected with the above two trends for the organic & authentic Mexican-inspired designs are also much in evidence. From the wisdom of Mayan civilization to Freda Khalo modernism Mexico offers a rich colour palette and patterning that simply inspires eye-catching displays.

    1. Black is where its at

    Has white become passé? After so many years of high gloss, high sheen clean cut white displays, display may be shifting in the opposite direction and embracing the black. Again the look is more low-fi than ultra slick with a strong use of matts and low sheen finishes that seem to work well with lots of product ranges – from low tech & organic to hi-tech & funky.

    Were you at Autumn Fair as an visitor or exhibitor? Do you agree with us or did you spot some other display trends? Was the Fair worth attending? We’d love to read your take on the event.

  • Christmas Point of Sale – time to start planning

    Christmas point of saleFor customers it seems that Christmas arrive earlier every year – but for retailers it is always an almost year round operation. And this is the time of year to plan your Christmas point of sale.

    Retailers in particular need to use this time to turn back the tide to internet and discount shopping.

    To start your planning, determine what you want your Christmas point of sale to achieve. Communicate clear messages about your stock, prices and offers, of course. But Christmas is a boom time for footfall and effective Christmas point of sale display will help you retain those customers and hopefully create long-term & valuable relationships.

    From a practical point of view, it is likely that you’ll have lots more stock, a bigger range and faster turnover of products without any additional space. So you’ll need the Christmas point of sale to tell more messages in less space. Think of using smaller sign holders and ticket holders, shelf talkers and wobblers to make the most of available space. Ensure signs, posters and tickets are clear & professional looking.

    create clear POS Remember the customer journey begins outside your store so make sure all external space is used – from a traditional pavement signs to effective window displays and communications that are updated regularly throughout the season.

    Christmas is the time for good will to all men & great cross-selling. Use your Christmas POS to upsell, cross-sell and highlight related products across the branch. Use display and promotion areas to maximise these sales activities. Christmas is about gifting so make gift options easy to see & create added income through gift packs and selections.

    Effective Christmas Point of Sale

    POS is for life, not just for Christmas. With so many cost-effective point of sale products, it will not break the marketing budget when ordering extra & they will last season after season so treat your store to the gift that keeps on giving. To be most effective, planning is essential.

  • Even before the goods hit the store, have a clear idea of what product lines will be promoted and the messaging around them.
  • Use a theme, colour or typography to link all your season stock and promotions. Work with your local printer to create some visually strong point of sale collateral.
  • Plan your upsells and cross sells – how will POS achieve this?
  • Plan gifting opportunities & the POS to support this.
  • Plan longer term goals of customer retention – how will POS achieve this?
  • How will POS link with online and social media activity?
  • Merry Christmas point of saleChristmas Point of Sale is for life

    As we said earlier for retailers Christmas is not just the busiest time of the year it should also be generated a disproportionate amount of the annual turnover. That’s not the same as profit and again POS can help foreground higher margin products and brands as well as create additional revenue streams with gifting opportunities etc.

    More importantly retailers can use the massive increase in foot flow and spend to create long term customer relations. Use some of your available space to promote your brand, not just your product range. Create an environment that customers will want to return to throughout the year. Promote instore events and activities and use POS to promote loyalty programme and newsletter opps.

  • Why should I improve my High Street presence in these digital times?

    Indications are that online shopping is on the up. However, this does not mean the death of the High Street - much online purchasing is driven by the High Street.

    A strong High Street presence will enhance your brand awareness. When choosing which of the search results to ‘click’ on, a recognisable name draws attention.

    Improve your High Street presenceThe knowledge that a physical office exists where there is the chance to speak face-to-face with an expert increases clients’ trust in the brand. So while people often hit the High Street as more of a social occasion or in search of inspiration, engagement is key to make sure you get noticed.

    In short, its all about balance – your office window display is your biggest advert; it is most likely the first impression that you give both Off and Online so make sure it emits the right message for your business.

    If you think that your window display is in need of a facelift then get in touch with our sister company Mid West Displays. From site visit and design to customer support & installations they offer the complete package. They’ll use their expertise to ensure you make the most of your biggest advertising space – delivering brand recognition and boosting sales.

    High Street window display from Mid West DisplaysTo get the ball rolling, send Mid West Displays a photo of your window(s) with the glass size and the display styles you prefer and they will provide a mock-up design of your window and a quote for your consideration, this is a completely free service.

    Email: or call us direct to discuss your requirements: 01743 465531

    Request our new 2015 brochure (this can be posted or downloaded):

    Visit Mid West Displays Online at for product information and inspiration in our gallery.

    Why not visit them at their Showroom and Factory in the Midlands where you can see their product range and speak to the experts face-to-face.

  • Acrylic display blocks reduced by 20% this week only

    20% off acrylic display blocksAcrylic display blocks are reduced by a generous 20% this week only (Jan 25th-31st) at Wrights GPX

    We have an unbeatable range of acrylic display blocks for you to choose from. There are two great finishes: classic clear and a stunning frosted finish. Plus there are 15 (yes 15!) different size options for you to choose from – with a range of heights, widths and depths. Pick and mix to create truly eye-catching displays for a range of products. Use them throughout the store to maximise your sales and include them as part of your Trade Show or Exhibition display. These versatile acrylic display blocks are manufactured by us in the UK and are durable, easy to clean and very stylish.

    How to claim your 20% discount off acrylic display blocks

    1. Go to
    2. SKUs PS9260-9274/ PS9361-9366 are included in this promotion
    3. When you’ve finished ordering go to MY CART and in the field marked DISCOUNT CODES enter code BLOCK1 – your cart will be recalculated with 20% off the price of these products
    4. The discount applies to any volume – from a single item to a bulk order and your MULTI BUY DISCOUNT is unaffected
    5. The discount does not apply to the delivery charges or VAT.
    6. There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the code but it expires at 23:59 on 31st Jan 2016

    REMEMBER – Until the 31/01/16 we are offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders with a value of £100 or more. This applies to NEXT DAY DELIVERY SERVICE for orders received by noon (Mon – Thurs. Orders received after 12pm on a Thurs will be sent on the next working day) 

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