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poster holders

  • Retail sign holders at Wrights GPX Plastics

    Retail sign holders holds prints in place so that you can promote and advertise in the most efficient way possible. Most sign holders are made from plastic, usually acrylic or PVC. A sign holder can be wall mounted, hanging or freestanding and are often seen in shops, offices, reception and waiting areas, hotels and catering locations.

    The term sign holders and posters holders are often used interchangeably. Sign holders tend to be smaller than poster holders as they are used to hold notices, prices, menus and statutory information. Poster holders are larger, usually A3 size and bigger, and are used to display larger posters, photographs, imagery and notices.


    Choosing sign holders

    Retail sign holders include traditional framed print holders or snap frames but increasingly they refer to a plastic sleeve in which the poster is placed. 

    PVC sign holders are the cheapest option.  PVC offers less clarity than acrylic and is brittle and liable to break or crack if dropped but for day-to-day use for sign holders that are not required for aesthetic purposes they are ideal.

    Acrylic sign holders offer greater clarity, durability and UV resistance. Although perhaps twice the cost of their PVC equivalent, they are still inexpensive and are the most popular choice.


    Types of retail sign holders

    Here at Wrights Plastics GPX, we have many different types of retail sign holders to choose from.

    • Hanging sign holders - designed to hang from ceiling or shelving. The construction may include holes for hooks so they can be hung from the ceiling or a recessed groove that fits over risers or epos on shelves. Hanging sign holders are ideal for displaying important signs from available ceiling space or on display shelves.
    • Wall mounted sign holders - attached to a wall or upright surface (display panel, door etc). Some are constructed with keyholes for attaching over screws or hooks. Others may be attached by suckers or self-adhesive stickers. Wall mounted sign holders make use of valuable wall space to display essential print – brand or product info, price or promotional info etc.
    • Free standing sign holders - requires no fixing but supports itself on a base. There are a number of different designs that can include front or side opening options and a double sided version. They can be used across any location. Placed on shelves, in window displays and on counter tops they can display essential print comms to customers, staff, visitors, etc.


    Contact us today

    If you would like to find out more information about our retail sign holders then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. 

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  • Poster Display Frames | Everything you need to know

    Poster display frames allow organisations to deliver essential communications exactly where they need to be seen. Wrights GPX are proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of PoS solutions - including poster holders. Our poster holders and snap frames can be used in a wide range of businesses and organisations. High in quality and durability, you can be sure that you’ll be investing in a PoS retail solution that won’t let you down. 


    Why do we use posters?

    For every organisation print continues to play an important role. We used posters to let people know about products and services, prices and aftercare, rules and regulations, events and opportunities, It is often easier and more cost-effective to advertise through printed posters and signs, despite the increased use of digital screens. Equally as important as the message is getting the messages seen and this is where poster holders for display offer a great boost for any business or organisation.


    Poster display frames

    Poster display frames and sign holders have been developed to be used across any part of a store, office or any location or venue. With many variations to choose from, you can guarantee that your messaging can be seen clearly and effectively.


    Types of retail poster holders

    • Wall mounted poster holders allow you to use often unused wall space for maximum effect. Available in all standard print sizes, these poster holders not only help to get posters seen but also have the practical benefit of keeping them protected. 
    • PVC wall mounted poster holders are the entry level to the range, perfect for everyday use. They are durable, lightweight and great value. Acrylic wall mounted poster holders offer greater durability, more clarity in the material so posters can be seen very clearly and a slightly higher cost. At the top end of the range snap frames offer a practical but elegant and smart frame to holder posters and print.
    • Hanging poster holders allow for the use of even more unused space. Whether hanging from the ceiling or below shelves, they help deliver messages directly to the customers’ eye line.
    • Bringing the messaging closer to home, freestanding poster and sign holders can be used on checkouts, reception desks, counters, shelves and many other locations. Again a range of styles, configurations and materials are readily available to suit budgets and requirements. 

    Whatever your chosen style, poster holders will help you deliver essential communications in the best possible place for the largest number of customers, staff or members. 


    Contact us today

    To find out more about our poster display frames, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Retail Poster Holders – Your Questions Answered

    As the leading manufacturer & supplier of retail poster holders in the UK, we’re here to help you with POS solutions. Even more so, we’ve developed an expert insight into helping our customers make the most of our complete range. 


    What is the difference between retail poster holders and sign holders?

    The terms are usually used interchangeably. Some people think of posters as larger than signs – and look for larger holders in A3/A2/A1 & A0 but this is not a definite difference.


    Where should I hang my retail poster holders?

    Retail poster holders need to be placed in the direct eyeline of the customer. Communicating with customers is very important in moving them along the buying cycle. This starts at interest and ends at goal achievement; whether that is a sale, a sign up or an appointment. Posters and signs are an effective way to tell customers about your brand, services and products. 


    How do I choose the right poster holder?

    The size of the print is the first important factor. Poster holders are readily available in standard print sizes, from a tiny A8 to a huge A0. On our site, you’ll find our poster holders all reference the print size. So, an A0 poster holder is manufactured to fit around an A0 poster.

    There will be a different poster holder for the location you want the poster to be seen. Hanging poster holders can be hung from ceilings, shelves or in window displays. Wall mounted poster holders will help you make the most available wall space. Free standing poster holders can be placed on shelves, counters & reception desks. As well as on plinths and directly on displays. 

    In addition to poster holders, shelf talkers and ticket holders offer the same promotional and communication opportunities. These can be placed around shelving, and directly around products.


    Why choose Acrylic poster holders?

    Acrylic is the #1 material for poster holders. There are several reasons for this.

    • Clarity.
      High quality acrylic offers extreme clarity, meaning the poster or sign can be clearly seen.
    • Durability.
      High quality high impact acrylic is used by Wrights GPX when manufacturing
      POS retail display products. This means the products will last year after year. The retail displays are durable and hard wearing. They are also easy to clean and maintain.
    • Cost.
      Acrylic and its various forms (such as PVC) offer a low-cost option for high volume, off-the-shelf sign and poster holders.
    • Branding.
      It is possible to add logos and branding to acrylic leaflet holders to support brand, promotions, etc.
    • Sustainability.
      Acrylic is recyclable, and its recycled material is used in a variety of useful products.


    Contact us today 

    If you would like to find out more about our retail poster holders, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • Promoting your In-Store Event with Window Sign Holders

    Event retailing is considered by many to be one of the best ways to revive the High Street. Creating an in-store event need not be costly or time consuming. However, by doing it right, it can have a massive effect on building your brand - for medium and long term success. A lot of the success in a retail event is down to the promotion and advertising beforehand. Here at Wrights GPX, we can help. Using our window sign holders, you can create bright and exciting displays that will entice your customers. As well as create a buzz around your upcoming in-store event.


    The Importance of Communication in Retail

    If we had one nugget of advice based on our almost 50 years' in retail display, PoS and PoP, it is that clear communication is essential if you want to turn interest into sales. Or if you want to turn visitors into customers, and first timers into loyal brand evangelists. With online research fuelling buying decisions, continuing the messaging through clear communication in-store has never been more important. Of course, communication covers many sins. Perhaps the most important is how you and the team communicate with customers. This interaction will be the customer’s most important brand ‘touch point’. What are your goals for the day? Make the goals measurable for sales, marketing sign-ups, new customers, etc.


    Using Window Sign Holders to Build Brand Awareness and Increase Sales

    How are you communicating about your event? There are lots of ways to do it, and you’ll find lots of solutions here at Wrights GPX. Window sign holders are a great way to target those who are passing your store. We’ve got plenty of A-board poster holders and frames that can help to enhance your display even further. Prints are getting cheaper and cheaper. Therefore, a leaflet drop in the area can also be very cost-effective. Poster holders, sign holders, table talkers and shelf barkers can all be used to ensure all your printed communications stay smart and get noticed.


    Making Sure your Customers are Well Informed

    Be clear about prices, product info and branding. A 2013 survey, of Hitachi consumers, showed 90% regularly research products online prior to buying them. 60% of smartphone customers’ research products in store - with this figure rising to 89% for men under 35. In-store displays should support and confirm any previous research; selling the benefits of the products, demonstrating their value and giving consumers a reason to buy TODAY. However, you should also use these everyday communications to build brand awareness. Whether you trade on your style, humour, sense of community, commitment to the environment or having the lowest prices in town, these values need to be reinforced at every opportunity.


    In-Store Event Checklist

    By checking off these questions, and ensuring your team have the right answers to them, you’ll know when the time is right to host the big day:

    • Is your team ready for the event?
    • Do they know what it is, why it came about and how it can benefit your customers?
    • If you have any offers, deals or discounts related to the event, are the team clear about them and how best to introduce them?
    • How are the team’s non-verbal communications?
    • Are they dressed appropriately?
    • Are they exuding energy and enthusiasm?


    Contact Us Today

    If you are interested in finding out more about our window sign holders then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call  0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • 8 Poster Holder Places In Your Shop

    Is your shop missing opportunities to communicate with your customers? We’re going to say the answer is ‘YES’. It’s a common fault. Spaces for poster display holders remain empty. As a result, there's missed opportunities to build brand, upsell and promote your goods and business. Fear not however, because as leading suppliers of POS solutions, we’ve identified 8 places where you can place those all-important poster holders.


    8 Places for Poster Display Holders

    1. Outside Your Shop

    You can begin your marketing activity even before your customers enter the shop. A boards, poster holders, pavement signs and chalkboard A frames are all essential for any High Street shop. They can be a permanent reminder of your shop name, product range, contact details and opening hours. Plus, they easily catch the eye of people passing by. Using outdoor marketing resources also means you can relay information about new product ranges, promotions and sales and in-store events and activities.


    2. On Entrance Doors

    Large expanses of clear glass offer a good place to communicate with customers, as they both enter & leave your shop. Too much can look untidy so a few simple messages can work best. Again, this is an opportunity to entice customers in with promotions and exclusive deals. As well as to remind them why they should return. Here at Wrights GPX, we've got a range of glass poster holder solutions that can accommodate these requirements.


    3. Window Displays

    The classic location for posters - so why do so many businesses miss out on the opportunity? Firstly, variety is essential when it comes to window displays. If you don't keep your marketing display interesting, passing potential customers will be just that – passing. Invest in some poster design that is going to catch the eye. Head to a local printer who can offer design services & fast turnarounds so you can continue to update your window display.


    4. In-Store Displays

    Creating high-impact in-store displays is the perfect way to sell more products, and showcase your brand at the same time. Use creating and innovative marketing displays to tell consumers that your brand is all about being different. You can use poster display holders to fit the style and size of the display. Make sure you choose the right sizes to ensure your display looks sleek and professional.


    5. Wall Space

    Retailers always have lots of wall space. However, creating the right mix of display and promotion is something learned with experience. But, visit any major High Street retailer you'll be met with a wall space that markets their brand creatively. Having a clear wall space is a great opportunity to go bold and go big with some exciting and enticing marketing. Try using back-lit poster frames or LED lightboxes to add even more impact.


    6. Counter Tops and Till Points

    Even those starting their career in retail quickly learn the value of the space around the till when it comes to promotion and branding. Keeping the space clear and accessible is important. However, remember this is an area where customers will be waiting to spend money. Think about the promotional messaging that will get them to keep the wallets open for longer – up-sells, post-purchases, add-on services, loyalty schemes and even return policies.


    7. Shelves

    When it comes to shelf marketing, you need to find an equilibrium between attractive, well stocked shelves and communication around those products. On-shelf marketing shouldn't clutter the shelving or detract attention from the product range. However, it is essential for confirming the benefits of the product, the prices, and the reasons to buy. Our shelf poster, sign and ticket holders are available in a wide variety of sizes. They can be placed above, on or below the shelf for max effectiveness.


    8. From Ceilings and Above Shelves and Stands

    Posters hanging above the eye line can successfully promote without distracting the consumer from the product ranges. Hanging signs are good for way-finding and directional signage. They can guide the customer around the store, and direct them to where you would like them to end up. However, they can also be used to promote products, promotions and events. There are hanging poster frame options for most ceiling contrition. It's important you take this opportunity to market your business in a bold and creative manner.


    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find our more about our poster display holders then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.
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  • Get Happy With Snap Frame Poster Holders

    Sales of snap frame poster holders are growing. We're taking a look at the reasons for the growth in this feature.

    For the uninitiated, snap frames are photo or poster holders whose frame ‘snaps’ into place to hold the print. Usually an acrylic cover protects the print. However, this is not compulsory. Buyers find snap frames are easy to use initially, and then to update the image when required. They are usually wall mounted using pre-drilled holes. However, freestanding snap frames and A-frame snap frames are also readily available.


    Why Snap Frame Poster Holders Are On the Up

    There are a number of reasons why snap frame poster holders continue to grow in popularity.


    Firstly, it is easy to buy high quality snap frames that will last. When buying, look out for frames manufactured from anodised aluminium. Using anodised aluminium adds to the strength and durability of the frame. Look out for a smooth shutting operation. If buying online look for a reputable retailer and check their Returns Policy and any product reviews.


    Snap frames are also very popular due to the wide range of colours that they are available in. Although silver snap frames have been considered the ‘classic’ look, they can also be purchased in colours such as white, black, red, green & blue. This has meant they can be used in lots of interiors. Kids love the bright colours that look great in their bedroom, and retailers have been able to incorporate the colours in their displays.


    Another reason for the expanding sales is their sheer versatility. In homes, in offices, in shops, and just about everywhere else, snap frames offer a great way to display photos, posters and other print. Smarter looking than standard poster holders, and better value than traditional picture frames, snap frames can be used in loads of locations. In standard sizes, such as A4 snap frames and A3 snap frames, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect frame for your print.


    More Reason to Be Snap Frames Happy

    A complete snap frames range might also include tamper resistant and lockable snap frames. These are ideal when security and peace of mind are important. Silver snap frame light boxes are ideal for retailers, hoteliers, salon owners etc etc – allowing them to create a stunning light-filled display that can be updated really easily. They incorporate high powered LED lighting, and can run without servicing for 10,000 hours. For receptions areas, waiting room, exhibitions and trade shows, floor standing snap frames are just the job.


    Who Buys Snap Frames?

    Firstly, they are perfect for the home. They are a really smart way to display posters that you love, and family photos you treasure. They are ideal for framing memories that last a lifetime. For example; exam certificates, good news letters and newspaper articles. They are brilliant for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms. As one boy band fades away, their posters and pics are easily replaced by pictures of the very coolest new pop sensation.


    For businesses, snap frames are invaluable. They are a smart way to frame essential info such as insurance or professional certifications. They complement photos, posters and brand communications. Additionally, they look brilliant in shops, build brand in cafes and coffee shops and add a smart touch to waiting rooms and reception areas. Exhibitions and trade shows also benefit from snap frames, as they can be a durable and smart finishing touch to your exhibition space.


    Great Value Snap Frames

    Another reason for their continuing popularity is their price; they have dropped in price as demand grows and competition keeps prices competitive. Beware of cheap imitations, though and look for high quality snap frames – they might be more expensive initially but will offer the best value over the long run.

    Great prices? Loads of colour and sizer options? Lots of uses? Great quality? What’s not to love about snap frames?


    Contact Us Today

    If you would like to find out more information about our snap frame poster holders then head to our website today. Alternatively, call 0121 580 3080 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.


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  • How to choose a poster holder

    How to choose a poster holderA poster holder or sign holder will ensure your posters, photos and branding information can be positioned where you need it for max effect and it will also keep print looking good and lasting longer. In this blog we help you choose the best poster holder for your need.

    1.     When to use a poster holder

    Communication is the key to successful retailing so think of all the opportunities for communication – and chances are you’ll need a poster holder or sign holder. Opportunities include:

    • Outside your shop
    • On entrance doors
    • Window displays
    • Instore displays
    • Wall space
    • Counter tops and till points
    • Shelves
    • From ceilings and above shelves and stands
    • Gondola ends


    You’ve got a great story to tell so don’t be shy of telling people about: prices, brand info, product info, latest ranges, special offers, loyalty schemes, mailing list sign up + lots, lots more.

    Top Tip: Review your opportunities for communicating with customers

    2.     Poster Holder Size

    The basic decision is the size of the holder. Print still comes in traditional formats - sometimes a little confusing – and most commonly in ‘A’ sizes, all in proportion to each other and covering all eventualities from a massive 4AO to a tiny A10. So the first thing is to find out the A size of the print and choose the poster holder to suit. Or alternatively make sure anything you get printed is printed to a conventional A-size. In reality, A6 (postcard size) to A2 are perhaps most commonly used in retail with A4 the most used sized. Also don’t forget that these sizes will also usually come in two orientations – landscape (long ways) and portrait (upright) and it is very important to check you are ordering the right orientation when you buy your poster holders.

    Top Tip: Always check print size and orientation

    3.     Poster Holder Position

    Where will the poster or sign be placed? Poster holders come with fixings to enable them to be: hung from ceilings and shelves; wall mounted, or freestanding for use on counters and displays, etc. Many poster holders offer a number of alternate fixings so these are a smart choice to make the most of your spend. There are also more specialised fixings such as Slat fix for use with Slatwall, magnetic fixings and self-adhesive pads can also be used. Shelf barkers and talkers are designed for use on shelves. Some holders come with useful leaflet dispensers.  More expensive poster and sign holders such as clip frames are usually fixed more permanently in position. And A frames and pavement signs are a brilliant way to draw in passing traffic.

    Top Tip: Order poster holders that can be used exactly where you need them to boost sales

    4.     Poster Holder Material

    PVC is used for the cheapest poster and sign holders. It is durable but not as hard wearing as acrylic so use in less busy retail environments or where budget is limited.  Acrylic is hardwearing and can be used in even the busiest retail environments. It is shatterproof and durable. It is easy to keep clean with just a cloth and warm water. But not all acrylic is the same so beware cheap imitations as these are not a good investment. Thicker acrylic is used in more permanent poster holders.

    Top Tip: Acrylic is a good choice for retailers – great value and long lasting

  • Save up to 25% in our biggest ever retail display and POS sale

    big january saleWe are delighted to announce our biggest ever January – with savings of up to 25% on selected lines and FREE delivery on all orders over £100 throughout January.

    Each week during January we offer a discount on selected items from our massive range of retail display and POS items. Simply visit our website each week to access your money off code – you can get up to 25% off selected items in the range.

    Our January retail display and POS sale in detail

    Between 4th – 10th January you’ll be able to get a massive 25% discount on selected leaflet holders and brochure dispensers. Most items in our range are included in the sale and we’ve 100s of leaflet holders and brochure dispensers to choose from – all sizes and all styles. (All items beginning LD40 or LD41 are included in the offer.)

    The following week (11th – 17th) you can get 10% off our massive range of poster holders and sign holders. There are dozens to choose from so it’s time to spend, spend, spend and save, save, save.

    Our ‘sweet’ offer during 18th – 24th is 10% off our massively popular range of Pick n Mix stands and sweet dispensers.

    Acrylic display blocksAnd finally between 25th – 31st January we have a generous 20% of our stylish range of acrylic display blocks. SKUs PS9260-9274 & PS9361-9366 are included in the offer.

    There has never been a better time to stock up on the retail display stands and POS items to see you through the year – and don’t forget FREE delivery on all your January orders over £100.

    Visit the website during January to access those valuable discount codes.

    And don’t forget – you’ll receive 10% off your next order simply by signing up to our mailing list. Could we get any more generous?

  • Introducing LEDMAG – the flexible LED light box display system.

    LEDMAG magnetic LED light box system from Wrights GPXLEDMAG is a great looking LED light box system that is easy to use, 100% adaptable and designed to create stunning displays in a variety of retail and service locations. No wires, no onsite installation – just a sleek and stylish display system that is low on cost and big on style

    LEDMAG uses magnets so the light boxes can easily be attached easily to the central stylish chromed steel frame – and once connected the frames will automatically light up giving you a truly eye-catching display. Continue reading

  • Barbeque up some hot sales this summer

    Burgers on a BBQOK, its seems a little ambitious given what feels like the longest winter ever but retailers need to be optimists if nothing else and now is the time to look ahead for a long hot summer of long hot sales. Of course, effective POS display can help turn sales hot, hot, hot. Continue reading

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