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Point of Sale Manufacturers

  • How does POS work? | Leading Point of Sale display manufacturers

    Here at Wrights Plastics we’re proud to be one of the country’s leading point of sale display manufacturers. POS display uses products and customer messaging to move the customer to the final stage of the buying process.

    Using a readily available range of off-the-shelf POS display products, retailers can maximise the use of space within the store. They can do this by adding branding, price,  and product info at the most important stages of the buying process.


    Shelf space optimisation

    In the world of retail, shelf space comes at a premium. Point of sale stands such as free-standing display units (FSDUs) counter top units (CTUs) and dump bins are ideal for maximising a store’s merchandising potential. POS display stands are ideal for maximising the use of available space on the shop floor. More products means more revenue -  bulk-buys and impulse purchases have the potential to be added to every basket.


    PoS Accessories 

    As well as introducing more shelf space, POS and POP displays can be used to draw attention to your current offering – introducing visual merchandising into the mix. Hanging signs, display cubes, posters and window clings can all be used to attract the attention of passers-by and highlight key promotions and products on offer. As highly established Point of Sale display manufacturers, we have a wide range of accessories available. With our retail solutions, you can create the perfect retail display to optimise your sales. 


    Choosing POS display solutions to boost sales

    There are a wide choice of POS display products to choose from.A successful store, showroom, salon or other retail environment will have a mix of products that are used either continually, occasionally, or seasonally. 


    Free standing display units

    Most Point of Sale display manufacturers will supply all sorts of retail units to equip your shop with. Free standing display units are perfect for catching the customer’s eye and expanding your shelf space. They are ideal for retail hotspots or queuing systems, and for putting large amounts of stock in the customer’s line of sight.

     In a survey conducted by POPAI, 90% of consumers saw a wellbeing display unit displayed in Superdrug compared to the 80% of consumers who saw a one in Boots. 



    A great way to drive impulse buys or clearance items is by using  dump bins. They support the ‘pile ‘em high, sell ‘em fast’ principle and can be used across the store to boost sales. At Wrights GPX, they are available in a range of sizes, even down to counter top versions.



    Effective signage is important for any retailer. Not only can it move customers around the store to make the most of your floor space, it also offers the chance to communicate with customers – supporting your VM activity. Done well it is also a way to support brand, too. Poster and sign holders will deliver these important messages in exactly the right place – as part of VM displays, hanging from the ceiling or walls or on counters and checkout areas. 


    Point of Sale display manufacturers

    If you are looking for Point of Sale display manufacturers, then head to our website today to find out more about our PoS solutions. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • E-cigarette growth lights up sales at Wrights GPX

    Liberty Flights DispenserThe continued growth in the ecigarette market has enabled us at Wrights GPX to develop new business opportunities, The latest has seen us manufacture 750 retail display units for one of the UK's fastest growing brands Liberty Flights

    The units are manufactured from high quality Perspex® to create an eye-catching, durable and lightweight retail display unit for use in Liberty Flights' nineteen stores as well as a nationwide network of retailers.

    In January 2012, electronic cigarettes were stocked by just 2% of independent retailers. By 2014, sales of the products in UK supermarkets and major multiples have risen to well over £100m to meet the needs of an estimated two million users. It is estimated the UK market will be worth £340million this year.

    We have worked with a number of brands and retail design agencies to develop effective sales units and believe the 'vaping' market will allow us to develop further business opportunities, helping us secure jobs and investment in our West Bromwich base.




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    Gondola endGondolas are one of the most-established retail display units but that can often mean their importance to your customers and therefore your sales is overlooked. Effective POS, strong retail displays, correct pricing and products should all come together to help you turn gondolas into profitable space. Continue reading

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