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Point of Sale Display

  • Point of Sale Displays - FAQs

    As the UK’s leading manufacturer & supplier of high quality Point of Sale displays, we have plenty of different retail solutions to equip your store with. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for your shop fitting requirements. We are proud to have helped hundreds of clients creating high impact displays. With this in mind, we’re also here to answer any questions you may have about making the most of your POS. 


    Point of Sale displays - what are they?

    Point of Sale displays (POS) usually refers to any location where goods are promoted or sold. POS displays are often found in stores and shop. However, any location that sells goods and services will have one. They are located where those goods and services are displayed, promoted or transacted.


    Point of Sale display ideas

    POS items are any items that are used to promote goods and services in a store or retail environment. Leaflets, posters, digital advertising, brochures, signage etc are used to create Point of Sale displays to communicate with customers. We manufacture products to store, highlight or promote these items. From basic poster holders and leaflet holders, to complete display solutions - such as Slatwall shelves.


    How Does Point of Sale Work?

    By communicating with customers at strategic points along the ‘customer journey’, POS will move the customer along the buying cycle. Most simply, pricing and product information will encourage the customer to make a purchase, or sign up to a service. But Point of Sale can also address longer term goals such as customer retention, loyalty and upselling of products and services.


    Marketing products with retail displays

    Point of sale displays are used to trigger what marketers refer to as “problem recognition response” in consumers. Products on a point of sale display are usually things that are not on a consumer’s top-of-mind. Point of sale display provides a visual exposure to products. It therefore helps make consumers realize that they may need that particular product to solve a problem. When building a Point of Sale display, you need to capture the consumers’ attention to create impulse purchases.


    Where do POS displays go?

    POS should be placed wherever customers are seeing your goods or services. Counters and reception desks are the most obvious place, but there are many other locations. For example, in windows on walls and on shelves. Check out our range of wall mounted sign holders, shelf talkers and floor standing leaflet holders for examples of how you can make the most of your available ‘display space.’ 


    Contact us today 

    If you would like to find out more about our Point of Sale displays, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0800 772 3098 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

    If you have found this blog helpful, you may wish to read our previous blog on Free Standing Leaflet Holders.

  • Christmas Point of Sale – time to start planning

    Christmas point of saleFor customers it seems that Christmas arrive earlier every year – but for retailers it is always an almost year round operation. And this is the time of year to plan your Christmas point of sale.

    Retailers in particular need to use this time to turn back the tide to internet and discount shopping.

    To start your planning, determine what you want your Christmas point of sale to achieve. Communicate clear messages about your stock, prices and offers, of course. But Christmas is a boom time for footfall and effective Christmas point of sale display will help you retain those customers and hopefully create long-term & valuable relationships.

    From a practical point of view, it is likely that you’ll have lots more stock, a bigger range and faster turnover of products without any additional space. So you’ll need the Christmas point of sale to tell more messages in less space. Think of using smaller sign holders and ticket holders, shelf talkers and wobblers to make the most of available space. Ensure signs, posters and tickets are clear & professional looking.

    create clear POS Remember the customer journey begins outside your store so make sure all external space is used – from a traditional pavement signs to effective window displays and communications that are updated regularly throughout the season.

    Christmas is the time for good will to all men & great cross-selling. Use your Christmas POS to upsell, cross-sell and highlight related products across the branch. Use display and promotion areas to maximise these sales activities. Christmas is about gifting so make gift options easy to see & create added income through gift packs and selections.

    Effective Christmas Point of Sale

    POS is for life, not just for Christmas. With so many cost-effective point of sale products, it will not break the marketing budget when ordering extra & they will last season after season so treat your store to the gift that keeps on giving. To be most effective, planning is essential.

  • Even before the goods hit the store, have a clear idea of what product lines will be promoted and the messaging around them.
  • Use a theme, colour or typography to link all your season stock and promotions. Work with your local printer to create some visually strong point of sale collateral.
  • Plan your upsells and cross sells – how will POS achieve this?
  • Plan gifting opportunities & the POS to support this.
  • Plan longer term goals of customer retention – how will POS achieve this?
  • How will POS link with online and social media activity?
  • Merry Christmas point of saleChristmas Point of Sale is for life

    As we said earlier for retailers Christmas is not just the busiest time of the year it should also be generated a disproportionate amount of the annual turnover. That’s not the same as profit and again POS can help foreground higher margin products and brands as well as create additional revenue streams with gifting opportunities etc.

    More importantly retailers can use the massive increase in foot flow and spend to create long term customer relations. Use some of your available space to promote your brand, not just your product range. Create an environment that customers will want to return to throughout the year. Promote instore events and activities and use POS to promote loyalty programme and newsletter opps.

  • Acrylic display blocks reduced by 20% this week only

    20% off acrylic display blocksAcrylic display blocks are reduced by a generous 20% this week only (Jan 25th-31st) at Wrights GPX

    We have an unbeatable range of acrylic display blocks for you to choose from. There are two great finishes: classic clear and a stunning frosted finish. Plus there are 15 (yes 15!) different size options for you to choose from – with a range of heights, widths and depths. Pick and mix to create truly eye-catching displays for a range of products. Use them throughout the store to maximise your sales and include them as part of your Trade Show or Exhibition display. These versatile acrylic display blocks are manufactured by us in the UK and are durable, easy to clean and very stylish.

    How to claim your 20% discount off acrylic display blocks

    1. Go to
    2. SKUs PS9260-9274/ PS9361-9366 are included in this promotion
    3. When you’ve finished ordering go to MY CART and in the field marked DISCOUNT CODES enter code BLOCK1 – your cart will be recalculated with 20% off the price of these products
    4. The discount applies to any volume – from a single item to a bulk order and your MULTI BUY DISCOUNT is unaffected
    5. The discount does not apply to the delivery charges or VAT.
    6. There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the code but it expires at 23:59 on 31st Jan 2016

    REMEMBER – Until the 31/01/16 we are offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders with a value of £100 or more. This applies to NEXT DAY DELIVERY SERVICE for orders received by noon (Mon – Thurs. Orders received after 12pm on a Thurs will be sent on the next working day) 

  • Save up to 25% in our biggest ever retail display and POS sale

    big january saleWe are delighted to announce our biggest ever January – with savings of up to 25% on selected lines and FREE delivery on all orders over £100 throughout January.

    Each week during January we offer a discount on selected items from our massive range of retail display and POS items. Simply visit our website each week to access your money off code – you can get up to 25% off selected items in the range.

    Our January retail display and POS sale in detail

    Between 4th – 10th January you’ll be able to get a massive 25% discount on selected leaflet holders and brochure dispensers. Most items in our range are included in the sale and we’ve 100s of leaflet holders and brochure dispensers to choose from – all sizes and all styles. (All items beginning LD40 or LD41 are included in the offer.)

    The following week (11th – 17th) you can get 10% off our massive range of poster holders and sign holders. There are dozens to choose from so it’s time to spend, spend, spend and save, save, save.

    Our ‘sweet’ offer during 18th – 24th is 10% off our massively popular range of Pick n Mix stands and sweet dispensers.

    Acrylic display blocksAnd finally between 25th – 31st January we have a generous 20% of our stylish range of acrylic display blocks. SKUs PS9260-9274 & PS9361-9366 are included in the offer.

    There has never been a better time to stock up on the retail display stands and POS items to see you through the year – and don’t forget FREE delivery on all your January orders over £100.

    Visit the website during January to access those valuable discount codes.

    And don’t forget – you’ll receive 10% off your next order simply by signing up to our mailing list. Could we get any more generous?

  • A Guide to Menu Holders

    3 sided menu holderMenu holders are a brilliant and really cost-effective way to build your business. We’ll help you make the most of these little beauties to boost your business.

    Who needs a menu holder?

    Of course menu holders are perfect for cafes, restaurants, hotels and anywhere that serves food and drink. But despite their name they can also be used by other businesses for promotions. If you have a waiting room, a reception area, a showroom or anywhere that customers or clients visit then you’ll probably benefit from using a menu holder.

    What does a menu holder do?

    It holds print, simple as that. Again traditionally they have held menus. But there is an unlimited amount of types of print that can be inserted into the holders – info about events, special offers, latest products, BOGOFs and Twofors as well as branding and product information. Think of them as the perfect marketing tool for a seated audience.

    How to make the most of your holders.

    There are two top tips to maximising the effectiveness of your holders. Firstly, make the messages interesting. Creating effective designs is getting easier – you can have a go yourself or use a trusted designer. Use images, colours and text to grab their attention. Words matter – so be bold, clever, provocative or attention-grabbing in your copy (words). Again, have a go yourself or use a professional copywriter.

    Secondly, don’t let the messages go stale. Regularly update the print in your holders. Even if the messages don’t change it is worth developing new designs and new copy (words) to get people to keep on looking, reading and paying attention.

    Always tailor the look and feel of the content to your customer. Ensure you cover the basics. If you have more ‘mature’ customers can they see the wording? Appealing to kids is a smart idea – remember the value of pester power.

    six facing acrylic menu holderTypes of menu holder

    The design of menu holders is pretty standard but there are a number of options for you to consider. The 3 sided ‘Toblerone’ shaped holder is the classic design but there are also options for four and six facings which allow you to deliver more messages in the same space. It’s your choice. There is even an eye-catching rotating menu holder that might add even more interest

    Acrylic Menu Holders

    PVC menu holders are a cheap and cheerful option but acrylic is the number one choice for most businesses. If the holder is manufactured from quality acrylic it is manufactured to last in even the busiest environment – virtually shatterproof and able to withstand impact. Acrylic is also easy to clean and maintain in ‘just bought’ condition – but the cost is low and you can easily afford to add extra items without breaking the marketing budget.

    Need more ideas? Check out our blog Menu Holder – 25 ways it can boost ANY business.

  • E-cigarette growth lights up sales at Wrights GPX

    Liberty Flights DispenserThe continued growth in the ecigarette market has enabled us at Wrights GPX to develop new business opportunities, The latest has seen us manufacture 750 retail display units for one of the UK's fastest growing brands Liberty Flights

    The units are manufactured from high quality Perspex® to create an eye-catching, durable and lightweight retail display unit for use in Liberty Flights' nineteen stores as well as a nationwide network of retailers.

    In January 2012, electronic cigarettes were stocked by just 2% of independent retailers. By 2014, sales of the products in UK supermarkets and major multiples have risen to well over £100m to meet the needs of an estimated two million users. It is estimated the UK market will be worth £340million this year.

    We have worked with a number of brands and retail design agencies to develop effective sales units and believe the 'vaping' market will allow us to develop further business opportunities, helping us secure jobs and investment in our West Bromwich base.




  • 'Estate agents window displays: setting your estate agency apart in a competitive market

    If BBC Two’s “Under Offer: Estate Agents on the Job” has shown us anything, it’s that the housing market is slowly returning to what it once was. The weary titans of the sector are breathing a sigh of relief and independent agencies are dusting themselves off, ready for another round in the squared circle. Continue reading

  • M&Success as we are awarded prestigious Marks & Spencer contract.

    Sample visual of our plans to revamp M&S Womenswear display Sample visual of our plans to revamp M&S Womenswear display

    We are very pleased to confirm that Wrights GPX have been awarded a valuable retail display contract from the UK’s favourite retailer Marks & Spencer. We are working with them to add add some extra ‘Magic & Sparkle’ to their womenswear collections. The new designs will be launched in over fifty of their top stores beginning next month – and could be seen in many more of their stores across the UK. Continue reading

  • Point of Sale can boost magazine sales

    Lads magazines covered by paper bagsThis month’s controversy over the retail display of ‘lads’ magazines has reminded many retailers of the value of magazines to their businesses. Although overall sales may be declining, they remain an important element for many independent retailers – and effective point of sale can help increase sales and bring many other benefits. Continue reading

  • Press Release: A Midlands manufacturing success story as West Bromwich firm sets new standard for Marks and Spencer

    A West Bromwich retail display manufacturer has become the first supplier to meet exacting new standards for retailer Marks and Spencer. The achievement has secured a large order for the long established plastics specialists Wrights Plastics and a developing relationship with one of the major retail organisations in the world. Continue reading

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