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Outdoor Brochure Holders

  • Outdoor Leaflet Holders means you keep selling 24/7 - even in the winter

    outdoor brochure holderOutdoor leaflet holders are a great way to promote your business 24/7. After a sweltering summer, winter is on its way but these leaflet holders protect print from the worst of the British winter. Unique water resistant design that automatically closes after a leaflet is removed, they are easy to install and come in all standard print sizes.

    No business can be open 24/7 so an outdoor leaflet holder is a low cost promo option for lots of business. Use them for menus, promotional leaflets, special offers, sign-ups for loyalty schemes, promoting events etc etc. Made from clear & durable acrylic, they are smart enough to be fitted next to almost every business and the design means the print can be seen clearly at all times.

    Made by us in the UK, our outdoor leaflet holders are manufactured to last – even in the busiest locations.

    Outdoor Leaflet Holders Now Reduced In Price

    And there is even better news – just in time for winter we have reduced the price of most of our bestselling outdoor leaflet holders.

    economy outdoor leaflet holdersOur Economy Outdoor Leaflet Holders range has been reduced by over 30%. - Chose from

    - 1/3 A4 (DL Trifold) leaflet holder from just £7.50

    -  A5 leaflet holder from just £7.95 &

    -  A4 holders at just £10.60


    We also offer two further ranges

    -   Premium Range in DL, A5 and A4 sizes with prices starting from £6.05. We also offer discounts for bulk buys – ordering from as few as 10 will see savings across the range.

    -   Outdoor brochure & leaflet holder boxes with sturdy black lids & clear durable central viewing front.


    Don’t let the rain or winter weather stop you from promoting your business – add an outdoor leaflet holder today to keep the sales and activity hot, even when the weather is not!


    Don’t forget – spend £85 in one transaction & get FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY

    (All prices exclude VAT. Subject to availability)

  • Making the most of outdoor brochure holders

    Outdoor brochure holders are the low cost way to ensure you keep on marketing & promoting your business even when you are not around.

    We’ve got some great tips to help you make the most of these handy Point of Sale products.

    Who needs outdoor brochure holders?

    Any company, organisation or group who is not open for business 24/7. That includes: shops, community centres, leisure centres, visitor centres, parks and car park, hotels, restaurants, cafes.

    outdoor brochure holder

    What can I use my outdoor brochure holders for?

    These holders are available in most sizes, especially the three main print sizes: A4, A5 and DL (1/3 A4) so you can use them to hold all kinds of print. For shops and restaurants they are brilliant for price lists and promotional brochures. For hotels they can be used to promote special events and add-on services. For community centres they can store local newsletters or events listings. For leisure centres and gyms, they can hold membership forms and details of activities /courses. Estate agents can use them for property guides and service information.

    Good quality outdoor brochure holders will protect your print from great British weather. The very best holders are completely waterproof and all holders will have lids that automatically close after use.

    Where should I put my outdoor brochure holders?

    It seems obvious but always attach them where they can be seen, or where they might expected to be seen. So at eye-level makes the most sense. As they are very low cost, it is usually not costly affordable to use plenty of holders so they can be attached in several places around a building – near to doors and display windows etc.

    You can also increase the effectiveness of your holders by some strategic placement. A restaurant for example might place the holders in locations nearby where there is a good footfall, or competitors. Visitor centres can use the holders across their locations. Make the most of car parks and areas where visitors might gather – picnic areas, smoking dens, bike stores etc. Most of the holders can be attached to posts as well as walls so plan imaginatively.

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