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Menu Holder

  • Menu Holder – 25 ways it can boost ANY business.

    menu holderThe importance of the menu holder should not be overlooked when it comes to marketing any business – and don’t let the name menu holder fool you into thinking they are only suitable for restaurants and cafes.

    What is a menu holder?

    The name covers a wide range of products but essentially a menu holder is an object that holds print in place. Usually manufactured in plastic (acrylic or pvc), other options include wood and metal. They come in a variety of shapes – from simple single sided holders to multiple facings designed to maximise the number of messages – and a variety of sizes, usually based around the most common print sizes - DL (1/3 A4), A6, A5 are the most popular because the essential feature of a menu holder is that ii can be placed in front of customers and clients, ensuring your key messages get in front of a ‘captive’ audience.

    Where to use a menu holder?

    There are plenty of places to use your menu holder – and remember these are not limited to catering or hospitality venues. In fact, anywhere customers are there is a good place for a menu holder:

    • In reception areas & waiting rooms
    • In showrooms and sales centres
    • In restaurants, cafes, coffee shops
    • At exhibitions, trade shows and promotional events
    • In shops, retail venues and malls as part of retail displays
    • At networking events, group meetings, societies & clubs
    • In schools, colleges and universities
    • On counters and cash desks
     3 sided menu holder Useful menu holders

    How a menu holder adds value

    Because of its size and format, customers are often receptive to the content of menu holders so they should be an essential marketing tool. But there are some golden rules to help you make the most of them

    • Variety – update the messages regularly, and have a variety of messages to feature in the holders.
    • Be Visual… – it is really easy to add images, colour and bold typography to add interest to even the most mundane marketing message, and you will adding some brand differential at the same time.
    • …but don’t forget words. Words are also incredibly important too. Consider your target audience and use the right tone. Humour and aspirational language can help and always have a clear call to action. Be clear about what you are communicating.
    • More on words. Always sell benefits, not features. If you have a loyalty scheme, for example, major on what benefits it will bring the person who joins.
    • Be professional. Print is getting cheaper and cheaper so try to have all your message professionally printed for maximum impact and brand building; unprofessional and poorly presented communications will reflect poorly on your brand. A menu holder will keep all print looking smarter for longer.

    six facing acrylic menu holder

    What to promote using your menu holder


    1. Menus (of course!)
    2. Special offers
    3. Price lists
    4. New product lines
    5. Upsells
    6. Product info
    7. Branding messages
    8. Featured products
    9. Seasonal products/services/events/opening hours
    10. Your bestselling product or services
    11. Discounts
    12. Cross sells
    13. Details of loyalty programmes
    14. Social media details
    15. Events and activities
    16. Community information
    17. Product care info
    18. Customer reviews
    19. Product reviews
    20. After care info
    21. End of line reductions
    22. Related products
    23. Local events
    24. Opening hours
    25. Company news or activities


  • A Guide to Menu Holders

    3 sided menu holderMenu holders are a brilliant and really cost-effective way to build your business. We’ll help you make the most of these little beauties to boost your business.

    Who needs a menu holder?

    Of course menu holders are perfect for cafes, restaurants, hotels and anywhere that serves food and drink. But despite their name they can also be used by other businesses for promotions. If you have a waiting room, a reception area, a showroom or anywhere that customers or clients visit then you’ll probably benefit from using a menu holder.

    What does a menu holder do?

    It holds print, simple as that. Again traditionally they have held menus. But there is an unlimited amount of types of print that can be inserted into the holders – info about events, special offers, latest products, BOGOFs and Twofors as well as branding and product information. Think of them as the perfect marketing tool for a seated audience.

    How to make the most of your holders.

    There are two top tips to maximising the effectiveness of your holders. Firstly, make the messages interesting. Creating effective designs is getting easier – you can have a go yourself or use a trusted designer. Use images, colours and text to grab their attention. Words matter – so be bold, clever, provocative or attention-grabbing in your copy (words). Again, have a go yourself or use a professional copywriter.

    Secondly, don’t let the messages go stale. Regularly update the print in your holders. Even if the messages don’t change it is worth developing new designs and new copy (words) to get people to keep on looking, reading and paying attention.

    Always tailor the look and feel of the content to your customer. Ensure you cover the basics. If you have more ‘mature’ customers can they see the wording? Appealing to kids is a smart idea – remember the value of pester power.

    six facing acrylic menu holderTypes of menu holder

    The design of menu holders is pretty standard but there are a number of options for you to consider. The 3 sided ‘Toblerone’ shaped holder is the classic design but there are also options for four and six facings which allow you to deliver more messages in the same space. It’s your choice. There is even an eye-catching rotating menu holder that might add even more interest

    Acrylic Menu Holders

    PVC menu holders are a cheap and cheerful option but acrylic is the number one choice for most businesses. If the holder is manufactured from quality acrylic it is manufactured to last in even the busiest environment – virtually shatterproof and able to withstand impact. Acrylic is also easy to clean and maintain in ‘just bought’ condition – but the cost is low and you can easily afford to add extra items without breaking the marketing budget.

    Need more ideas? Check out our blog Menu Holder – 25 ways it can boost ANY business.

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