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jewellery display ideas

  • GEO Jewellery Display Stand Range is Launched

    geo jewellery display stand rangeBold Geometric Patterns. Delicate Patterning. Shimmering High Gloss Finishes. Exceptional Build Quality.

    These are just some of the features of the stunning GEO jewellery display range, launched today.

    The range includes jewellery display blocks, necklace display stands and watch stands. As well as, earring displays and charm bracelet displays.

    The GEO range has been designed by the Wrights GPX design team. With their experience of working alongside High Street retailers and jewellers, they had developed an ontrend collection. The collection mixes contemporary trends with traditional display styles.

    Strong geometric shapes are a dominant theme in the collection. Hexagons, rectangles, cones, semi-circles and triangles are all used to eye-catching effect.

    geo jewellery display stand block

    The collection aims to develop flexible displays that can be used season-after-season collection-after-collection. Part of the collection features slotted bases and plinths, combined with display blocks to create unique display that can be reconfigured when required.

    They are offered largely in High Gloss Black and White finishes. They are designed to enhance the beauty of any jewellery range. We believe GEO jewellery display stand range is destined to become the gold standard in jewellery display.

    Jewellery Display Stand RANGE Made In GB

    geo necklace jewellery display standAs well being designed by the Wrights GPX team, the entire GEO jewellery display range is made at their West Bromwich manufacturing base. Wrights GPX have been committed to UK manufacturing since they were established in 1969. That’s great news for UK jobs and industry. However, it has meant their customers have been assured of the best possible quality POS retail display, at genuinely low ‘direct’ prices.

    Wrights GPX have a long tradition of supplying durable cost-effective jewellery displays to specialist jewellers and general retailers, across the UK and Europe. The GEO range will strengthen their relationship with a collection they aim to develop and grow, in response to demand and changing consumer behaviour.

    Sustainable Jewellery Display Stand COLLECTION

    geo earring jewellery display standThe GEO collection has been manufactured from Perspex® acrylic. The Midlands’ retail display specialist has a long relationship with this leading brand, appreciating the range of colours and finishes they manufacture. Perspex’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing also impresses. Also, mirroring Wrights GPX’s aims of reducing the impact on the environment of their activities.

    Perspex® is durable and safe. Products manufactured from it have long life spans, and do not need to be replaced often. But when longer is required, these products can be recycled into base material for more products.

    Stylish, durable and excellent value – GEO is go and shaping up for success.

  • Jewellery Display Ideas

    Check out our jewellery display ideas, designed to help specialist jewellers and general retailers make the most of their jewellery lines – from high end to fun fashion, our tips will help you create eye-catching displays to boost sales and customer loyalty, without busting the budget.

    Jewellery Display Ideas 1 - Be Uniform

    A display that features uniform jewellery display stands can make a big impact. Choose stands of the same size and colour or create regular patterns of the same combinations of stands. Use clear acrylic or white acrylic stands. Perhaps add one touch of non-conformance to draw the eye.

    Jewellery display ideas for uniformity Regularity of layout supports the brand at Pandora

    Jewellery Display Ideas 2 – Be Eclectic

    On the other end of the display spectrum create eclectic and individual displays for each brand or jewellery range. Use a variety of styles – from boho chic to oriental flavours – to create displays that are appropriate for a particular range. Or create displays that suggest appropriate jewellery for different fashions or customer types – jewellery for the exotic, preppy or elegant look. Use mood boards to brainstorm looks, textures and colours.

    Jewellery Display Ideas 3 – Be Brand Aware

    Consumers are increasingly brand aware today so make sure you are. If you are selling well known brands be sure to include as much branding as possible – logos, product photography and aspirational imagery. And if you are selling a lesser known brand, be aware of the branding & display strategies of better known brands. Without outright copying, mirror the layout of their displays and use of branding & imagery to subtly suggest a parallel between the brands in your customers’ minds.


    Jewellery display ideas brand awareness Be brand aware

    Jewellery Display Ideas 4 – Be Adventurous

    There are lots of off-the-shelf jewellery display stands for all product ranges to help you get started or add to your display options. But you should also use your imagination to add non-standard items to incorporate in your displays. Add some organic touches such as driftwood or cork. Use art objects such as picture frames. Utilise textures and fabrics such as lace or silk. Upcycling is very ontrend so incorporate repurposed display cabinets and boxes, etc.

    Jewellery Display Ideas 5 – Be Ontrend

    Whether high end or fun, jewellery ranges are always linked to fashion trends so make sure you are up to date on the latest fashion as well as jewellery trends, and create displays to reflect these trends. If the trend is for pastels, create displays that complement this trend. If the style is for big and bold, go big and go bold. Ensure displays are regularly updated to keep catching the customers’ eye & add style, glamour or wit wherever possible.

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