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Jess's blog

  • Jess's blog #4 - on careers, Cardiff and Christmas

    JessAfter returning from my second residential experience, it’s good to be back at work! During my second residential experience, along with the marketing and admin based training, we took part in some activities around Cardiff; we went bowling, ice-skating, visited a Christmas fete in the city centre and went speed boating for a second time. We had two other groups join ours whilst on the second residential course, and this meant that altogether there were  41 of us doing the training!

    With many new faces there were new friendships made. Due to most of the group already being in their work places, people were able to talk about their experiences so far, and compare how they were getting on. There are a wide range of different organisations people are working for. This meant that when discussing our experiences in the work place people experiences were often very different from others, which made it interesting to see how everyone were getting on. Even though there were many different types of employers, there were also many which had things in common. For example there are a few people working in estate agencies.

    Some businesses who differed from each other however were also able to relate in other ways. For example my employer Wrights Plastics GPX offers the LEDMAG light frame display system for estate agencies, so I was able to help people working in estate agencies see ways in which Wrights could help their estate agency grow by using the LEDMAG system, and how this could also help them bring new ideas to their businesses and help it to grow.

    Some of the people were newcomers to the course who were experiencing their first residential experience. During our stay we worked with the newcomers to help them through their stay and support them with the work. We shared our experiences from our first residential course with them, and also our experiences in the work place, so they know what to look forward to.

    Even though Cardiff was a lot of fun it is definitely good to be back at work. As it is the Christmas period, things have been pretty busy. However it’s always good to take on a challenge.  I have been taking part in new responsibilities at work such as being involved in arranging deliveries, and also developing our Amazon account. I am glad that I am able to be involved in a number of things as it is a good learning experience for me and I feel that my role at Wrights Plastics is becoming even better as time goes on.

  • Jess's blog #3 - New challenges at Wrights Plastics

    JessAfter spending a few more weeks working at Wrights Plastics, I have taken on more new challenges, involving different areas of the business. I have been trained to follow procedures such as when dealing with a customer’s order which has arrived broken, and also dealing with customer’s following up their orders. I have also been developing my skills in the areas which I have already been working in such as processing customers’ orders, and also answering the office phone and dealing with customer queries.

    On the 15th of November I will be heading back to Cardiff to further my training for another 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks I will be learning more in-depth training to carry on from the training I received previously. I am hoping that the skills I develop in Cardiff will help me to further my opportunities, and help me to be even better at my role at Wrights Plastics.

    New Challenges at Wrights Plastics

    Working at Wrights Plastics brings new challenges every day. This helps me to develop my skills and understand how to overcome challenges more effectively. By facing new challenges, it has pushed me to use my initiative more frequently, helping me to do better at role at Wrights Plastics.

    One of the enjoyable things about my job here at Wrights Plastics is helping out customers to overcome any issues, and lead them in the right direction. Answering the phones and dealing with questions and query’s gives me the chance to build relationships with customers, gain regular customers, and be able to interact on a more sociable level.

    I am looking forward to heading to Cardiff for the rest of my training, however I’m also looking forward to returning to work when I get back, and using my new skills in the work place.

    I am grateful for the opportunity that Wrights has given me to get myself on the career ladder, and as the weeks go by, I am starting to feel more a part of the team. I look forward to seeing everyone when I return!

  • Jess's blog #2 - Getting to grips with working at Wrights Plastics.


    JessOver the past 5 weeks I have been getting to grips with working at Wrights Plastics. I have learnt many things about the business, and find that it puts my best skills to use and also challenges me in other areas. Every day working at Wrights Plastics is different, and holds different challenges, and I have found that these challenges have helped to better myself and make me better at my Job.


    I have been trained to use the systems used to enable me to get more and more involved, and even help others around the office. After working here for 5 weeks I have managed to get a stronger and better understanding of how Wrights is run and what I need to do in order to be involved in the growth of Wrights. Everyone here at Wrights is friendly and helpful, and make it an enjoyable place to work. I feel very lucky to have been given an opportunity to work here, as it has opened a great carrier opportunity for me.


    Tasks which I have been carrying out include: processing orders; answering the phones; dealing with customer queries; meeting and greeting customers at reception; and preparing order packs for blue chip accounts including downloading production drawings from customers order systems. I am also in the process of setting up a twitter account for our new LEDMAG light frame displays.


    Over the upcoming weeks I will be travelling to Cardiff to continue my training on another two week residential experience. My training will be more in depth than the last, meaning I will be gaining more skills and knowledge to bring back to wrights when I return. I am looking forward to being able to bring fresh new ideas to wrights, and to help the business grow.

  • Jess's blog - #1 Jess joins Wrights Plastics GPX

    JessMy name is Jessica and I am 18 years of age. After finishing my A-Levels I had the option to attend university, or take a different career path. I felt that an apprenticeship is much more suitable for me, and also more rewarding than attending university.

    After carrying out some research online into different opportunities, I came across a training provider known as Skillwise. They offer training in Business admin, Social media and marketing, and I was over the moon when I found them. I had an interview with Skillwise with many other candidates in Birmingham, and they made me aware that I would be attending a two week residential training experience in Cardiff. I was asked to create a video of myself which would be sent to the employers that I apply to, stating who I am, why I want this opportunity, and why I would be a suitable candidate for their business. The employers would watch the video and then let me know if they wanted to meet me for a formal interview.

    After applying for a number of businesses and getting numerous interviews, I didn’t seem to find a business which I felt I wanted to work in, until Wrights Plastics offered me an interview. I had done some research into the business online on the website, and found them very interesting. I attended the interview and instantly knew it was the right place for me to work. It was very welcoming and the staff were friendly. After my interview Skillwise called me to let me know that Wrights Plastics had offered me apprenticeship. I accepted the offer straight away, and then began to arrange my training.

    I attended the two week residential training experience in Cardiff, and it was an experience which I will never forget. I met many new people and made many lifelong friends. However it wasn’t all just about the training. After our training sessions, during the evenings we had different activities planned for us. We went speed boating around Cardiff bay, went to the Cinema, meals, movie nights in, rock climbing, and we even went to a trampoline park - everything was completely paid for including our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The activities may have been fun, but there was still a large amount of training carried out during the day time. We were trained by some of the best marketing minds in the UK who were from the Entrepreneurs Circle. Everything we did was practical, and I learnt an unbelievable amount in just two weeks. We covered areas such as: creating social media sites and websites; email marketing; answering phones to customers, and so much more that it’s impossible to list.

    After returning I am now in my first few weeks of my apprenticeship. I have settled in quickly and am getting to grips with the business and how it works, and everyone working here has been helpful and supportive and have made me feel welcome. I have been using the knowledge which I have learnt from my training and have been putting it into practice. I am still yet to attend my second two weeks residential training experience in a few weeks’ time to develop my skills and knowledge. I am looking to complete my 12 month apprenticeship and further on to full time employment with Wrights Plastics. I feel that this has been an amazing opportunity for me to get myself on the career ladder, get my foot in the door and develop myself in the real working world.

  • You’re hired as Apprentice Jess joins Wrights GPX

    JessThis month we welcome our latest apprentice to the team. Jess joins Wrights Plastics to support the marketing, purchasing and admin teams.

    After graduating from Coppice Performing Arts in Wolverhampton, Jess felt further education was not for her. She was keen to enter the workplace and make use of the subjects she had studied at A-level:  Media, Business and Health & Social Care.

    She made contact with providers Skillwise who were looking for “enthusiastic individuals” and had a demanding selection criterion for their candidates. Not for them the boring old CV or Personal Statement. Jess was asked to put together a short video about her, her skills and her ambitions that could be forwarded to potential employers. “I was nervous,” admits Jess “but thought it was a good idea. So, after a few false starts, I created a video was I was happy with.”

    The video was certainly a big success. Jess had two interviews and two offers! “But as soon as I walked in Wrights Plastics I had a good feel about the place.”

    Before starting, Jess undertook two weeks intensive training in Cardiff to gain an insight into modern marketing techniques such as social media, email marketing and Direct Mail. After a long days training, Jess enjoyed some of the social activities provided – and some much needed free time with the group of about 16 apprentices.  “We all keep in touch through a Facebook group.  Everyone is now working and enjoying themselves.”

    Further intensive training will form part of Jess’s apprenticeship.

    Two weeks in and Jess is finding life at Wrights GPX “better than expected. There is more variety of work than I first thought and the team is really friendly – I can be myself.”

    Jess has agreed to write a fortnightly blog on her experiences – look out for the first one very soon at

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