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Cable Display Systems

  • Cable Display Systems Provide Clear Solution for Point of Sale Displays

    According to BBC reports Halifax Building Society are reporting that both house prices and sales activity are steadily increasing – great news after many years of decline. And even better news for estate agents who have seen a massive decline in volume sales as well as squeezed margins. Some well-established Estate Agency brands are no longer visible in our towns and cities. But there has been seemingly no decline in the number of new Agencies attempting to break into a crowded market – and even with the growth of internet searches, bricks and mortar showrooms remain the first requirement of a new Agency. Effective display is essential and that is where cable display systems can help. Continue reading

  • Can cable display systems help the property market?

    An estate agent window displayConsumers continue to receive mixed messages about the current state of the housing market. Any good news – record levels of loans to first time buyers – is often quickly followed by less good news such as overall fall in mortgage loans and continuing lack of house price rises, and lack of affordable mortgage products.  Estate agents are having a varied time although it does not seem to stop new agencies opening and a cable display system can help give them a competitive advantage. Continue reading

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