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Acrylic Furniture Range

  • Acrylic Magazine Racks prove bestsellers

    clear acrylic magazine racksOur range of acrylic magazine racks has proved a best seller across our marketing channels.

    Customers visiting the Wrights GPX website, our Amazon shop or eBay store have been buying these smart acrylic magazine racks in record numbers.

    And what’s not to love?

    Made by us in the UK, they are the perfect finishing touch at home. The sleek contemporary design works well with minimalist or modern layouts, but the clear acrylic finish enables it to work with vintage and traditional looks as well.

    It’s a great place to keep and store fave magazines and books and can be used in living rooms, studies, bedroom and kids’ rooms. Our acrylic is shatterproof and durable, and easy to maintain & clean.

    They are perfect for lots of commercial uses too – ideal for hotel bedrooms or lobbies and an easy way to add a touch of class to waiting rooms & reception areas.

    Sturdy and smart the acrylic magazine racks are also sensational value.

    We offer two options in our acrylic magazine racks range

    Our Premium acrylic magazine rack is made from durable 8mm acrylic – perfect for any environment and excellent value at £14.95.

    Our Budget acrylic magazine rack uses a thinner acrylic but is still great for everyday use – and at just £10.36 you cannot find any better value magazine racks online.

    Both options measure 330 (w) x 170 (d) x 260 (h)

    For commercial customers we also offer discounts for bulk volumes – and for everyone there is free delivery on all orders over £85 (+vat)

    You can lots of other great value items in our furniture and homeware range here

    It’s clearly time to treat yourself to a handy little looker from Wrights GPX.

  • Perspex® coffee tables are a top trend for 2018

    Perspex® coffee tables at Wrights GPXDesigners in the know know that Perspex® coffee tables and other furniture remain a top trend for the coming season.

    Here’s some of the top international trend setters opinions of the benefits of Perspex® furniture.

    The fabulous Boco do Lobo furniture site, in their feature on ‘2017 Home Design Trends’ quote designer Ed Ku “In 2017, I hope to see transparency as a trend in home design as well as in the world at large. Acrylic and Lucite bring a sense of order and weightlessness…”

    While the stylists fave The Zoe Report declares “If you’re looking for neutrals that are anything but blah, we highly recommend acrylic accents—they work with absolutely any decor style.”, Kensington Design recently blogged that “Perspex® furniture works almost everywhere. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, Perspex® furniture works as a wonderful counterbalance to solid furniture.”

    And the trend-spotting (and setting) online furniture retailers at Havenly in their feature ‘5 Home Décor Trends to Try in 2017’ state “we love how light and airy acrylic furniture feels in nearly any design style. It is often a great contrast and can add an edgy element to an otherwise classic design. Even better, acrylic allows your other design elements to really shine, so if you have a bright blue sofa or a hand-dyed rug, an acrylic coffee table may be your new best friend.”

    We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

    budget acrylic nesting tables glass effect Budget Acrylic Nesting Tables Glass Effect

    Kris Jarrett of the Driven by Décor blog declared on the blog in January this year that acrylic and Perspex® furniture was her latest “design crush” and high on her priorities for some room planned makeovers. It’s not hard to see the reason behind Kris’ crush as items such as Perspex® coffee tables offer lots of options regardless of the interior design, providing a perfect finishing touch for rooms’ ancient and modern, minimal or choc full of eclectic pieces.

    For example a clear acrylic coffee table will add functionality without detracting from the surrounding scheme – perfect for use on a feature floor covering for example. They are also a brilliant way to add impact through thoughtful dressing and styling; use an acrylic coffee table to keep an interior design scheme fresh with the latest must-have pieces.

    Perspex® coffee tables at affordable prices

    The good news is you don’t have to break the budget to be part of this designer trend. We make a range of high quality Perspex® coffee tables and side tables at affordable prices. With options including Prestige, Premium and Budget ranges there will be an affordable item in the range – and the entire range is made by us here in the UK from high impact clear acrylic.

    For more details go here

  • Behind the scenes of acrylic side tables photoshoot

    We’ve been improving the photography of our popular range of acrylic coffee tables and occasional tables. Today we had a photoshoot for some of our acrylic side tables.

    Arriving about 9.30 our art director and photographer first sorted some suitable settings for the photographs. Light is crucial when photographing clear acrylic; too much light can make the table disappear and too little light is always a problem for photographers. Luckily there was plenty of natural light so we were able to make the most of our valuable time.

    We were able to use three locations in the property: an elegant living room, the light filled breakfast room and even the garden, packed full of colour and variety.

    We were the guest of Birmingham potter Karen Beard. In fact we’ve featured some of her lovely ceramics in some of the photos. Karen’s house appealed as a mix of modern and vintage pieces, some bold colours and a strong sense of individual style. This reflects the profile of our purchasers and demonstrates that acrylic side tables, nested tables and coffee tables are the ideal complement to an eclectic mix of interior styles. The clear acrylic tables especially don’t detract from the pieces around them.

    The photographer was Birmingham-based Nick Hynan who has carried out most of the new photography for our range of acrylic side tables, nested tables and coffee tables.

    Photographing our range of acrylic side tables

    There were three tables to be photographed. The Prestige glass effect side table (FUR69) is the top of the range manufactured from super sturdy 12mm Perspex® and offering ultra realistic glass look but without glass’ weight or cost.

    Our Premium acrylic side table range also has the quality assurance of being made from Perspex®. We use 8mm acrylic for this sturdy range and offer three finishes: clear, acrylic and black.

    We’ll be updating our website with our photos soon so watch this space.

  • Perspex coffee table – clearly a smart choice

    A clear Perspex coffee tableClear acrylic coffee tables remain a design trend & a must for the design-conscious homeowner. A Perspex coffee table is an assurance of quality & style.

    One clear advantage for the Perspex coffee table is its adaptability – it can be used as an integral part of almost any design scheme. Its transparent nature means it does not detract from the overall design scheme and works well with any colours and textures. It can be dressed to enhance the design scheme, or left unadorned to create a usable functioning table that does not draw the eye away from the carefully considered design plan.

    Although most Perspex coffee tables have a contemporary, minimalist look, that is only the beginning & they can be used in traditional or vintage schemes, as well of course in contemporary or minimalist designs.

    Clear acrylic is also brilliant for making the most of available light so they are ideal for smaller or light limited rooms, making the most of available space. In larger rooms, their transparent nature means they will not detract from a carefully created interior scheme and in smaller rooms or light limited rooms they reflect light helping the create a brighter or larger feeling to the room.

    Perspex Coffee Table- Bringing Style to Any Room

    Contemporary, eclectic, vintage or traditional – no matter the overall concept, a clear Perspex coffee table will find a place either centre stage or in the wings. The transparent tables offer great flexibility. Dressed with books or contemporary ceramics, they make a great centre piece, not distracting from the soft furnishings or floor coverings. But they can also be used at the side of the room, dressed to add interest. And why not try them in halls or bedrooms where again their unselfish nature makes them a smart choice. Check out some great ideas for using your Perspex coffee table.

    a glass effect Perspex coffee table

    Why look for the name Perspex? Perspex is a premium branded acrylic and, as such, is manufactured to the highest industry standards possible. Perspex has an enviable reputation as the very best acrylic available and offers the promise of durability as well as safety features such as being shatterproof –it really is the safer, cheaper advantage to glass. And silicon-finish Perspex coffee tables offer an ultra-realistic glass effect.

    Whether you are looking to redesign your living room from scratch or just looking for an affordable furniture item to add some interest to your current design scheme, a Perspex coffee table is clearly a smart choice.

  • Budget Acrylic Nesting Tables offer savings of up to 56%

    Our budget acrylic nesting tables is a great way to add stylish design touches to your home or office at unbeatable value. You can save up to 56% compared to our Premium Acrylic Nest of Tables range.

    As with our premium acrylic nesting tables range, we manufacture this range ourselves in the UK using only the highest quality acrylic. We offer three smart finishes

    • A ‘I can’t believe it’s not glass’-effect finish
    • Clear finish
    • Smart high gloss black finish

    Acrylic is the safer and lightweight (and low cost) alternative to glass. It’s shatterproof so ideal around kids (and very clumsy adults) and easy to clean and maintain.

    Clear furniture also can make small spaces feel more open and inviting. Karen Mills, an interior designer with Interiors by Design, Inc., in Lenexa, Kansas says “It’s lighter and brighter,” she said. “It bounces that light around, whereas darker pieces soak up all your sunlight.”

    Budget Acrylic Nesting Tables offer complete versatility

    Acrylic nesting tables offer even greater versatility. They offer three tables in the space of one, and therefore offer lots of uses as either an accessory piece or as a showpiece item. They can be used in lots of locations across the home & have lots of commercial uses too in offices, retail and hospitality environments.

    Wrights GPX offer a money back guarantee on our complete range of acrylic tables so you can buy from us with complete confidence. Prices start from less than £75 (incl vat) and you can get a further 10% off your 1st order when you join our free mailing list.

    Check out our complete range by going here

  • Choosing an acrylic coffee table

    acrylic coffee tableThere are lots of great reasons to choose an acrylic coffee table. As well as being very much in vogue, there are lots of practical reasons for buying.

    But let’s be clear there are reasons why an acrylic coffee table might not be suitable. If not looked after properly acrylic will scratch so if the coffee table is likely to receive a lot of traffic then more traditional material might be more suitable.

    But as a base for magazines and books etc the acrylic coffee table is a good choice – and in fact might be a safer choice than glass or wood especially if you have younger children. Acrylic is lightweight and shatterproof - perfect for a family room.

    An Acrylic Coffee Table Makes the Most of Light & Space

    Owners will testify to the ability of clear acrylic to make the most of light & space. The tables are perfect for smaller rooms and rooms where light is an issue. They are often the choice for studio apartments or for use in basement rooms, and are a popular choice for offices, reception areas & waiting rooms.

    You can also incorporate the acrylic tables into almost every design scheme. From traditional design looks to vintage-themed layouts as well as minimalist schemes. The tables complement everything from antique furniture to 70s chic. From urban loft living to cosy country cottage, an acrylic table could be the perfect finishing touch.

    And the final reason is value. It is possible to pay £000s for designer tables & furniture but it is also possible to buy a high quality UK-made acrylic coffee table for around about £100. Offering a contemporary design and manufactured from high quality, high impact acrylic these tables are made to last & will be a fixture of any design scheme for many years.

    To help maintain your acrylic coffee table in its best ‘as new’ condition follow these simple rules: can be cleaned with just warm water & a clean non-abrasive cloth. Use only light pressure when cleaning and avoid rubbing grit or dirt into the surface. Although there are some specific cleaning products available online, you should never use window cleaning sprays, ketones, alcohol, solvents or ammonia-based cleaning solutions.

  • 6 uses for an acrylic side table

    acrylic side tableAcrylic tables remain ontrend. One reason is their 100% flexibility. Check out our ideas for making the most of an acrylic side table in our latest blog.

    1. Bedside Tables

    Most modern bedrooms demand a sleek, minimal look and an acrylic side table is perfect for that look. However, they are also great for mix-and-matching with more traditional design schemes. Clear acrylic will help you make the most of light and space so make the perfect choice for smaller or light limited rooms. But you’ll also find lots of great colours to complement any bedroom scheme.

    1. Hallway Heroes

    These tables are great for narrow or long hallways that cannot accommodate a larger table. They are great bases for lighting, books, ornaments or plants. Placed in corners they complement any design scheme, or choose a coloured finish such as acrylic side table in black to add some zing and zest to the hall.

    1. Waiting Room & Reception Areas

    Acrylic is lightweight, shatterproof and easy to clean so it is the perfect material when heavy & regular use is likely. Its light maximising qualities also make it ideal when space is limited. All these qualities make acrylic tables ideal for waiting rooms and receptions areas. They are affordable on any budget & immediately add a light modern feel to customer-facing areas.

    1. Acrylic Side Tables for Every Occasion

    There is often a need for extra display or storage space for certain times period such as  Christmas (all that extra food, and presents, and Christmas decorations etc) or for short period such as parties or celebrations, gatherings or ‘get togethers’. Acrylic side tables are the clear solution – lightweight, affordable and very sturdy.

    1. Retail Display

    As a lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass, acrylic tables help create eye-catching retail displays without distracting from the items promoted. They add a contemporary look to window displays, and they are safe to use in even the busiest retail environment.

    1. Plant Stands

    Acrylic is good with water, and an acrylic side table is water resistant and easy to clean. Clear acrylic won’t detract from the beauty of the plants on display & they are lightweight enough to be moved around to be used as a base for stunning flower and plant shows across the house.

  • Acrylic Monitor Stands Flash Sale

    We have a flash sale on selected acrylic monitor stands – but hurry as stocks are limited.

    Prestige acrylic monitor standsThe 12mm glass effect acrylic monitor stands (search: FUR 109) are part of our Premium range and is made from ultra durable and ultra tough 12mm acrylic and offers a realistic glass effect finish. The sale price for the flash sale is £33.54 compared to our usual RRP of £41.04 – a saving of 18% but only 16 remain in stock.

    The frosted acrylic monitor stands(search : FUR108) are made from durable 8mm acrylic with a smart frosted finish. Designed to home or office, the flash sale price is just £25.14 compared to a pre-sale price of £34.50 – a massive 27% saving.

    Acrylic is the modern alternative to glass – lightweight and easy to clean. It is also shatterproof so is the safe alternative for home use.

    Acrylic monitor stands are part of our extensive acrylic homeware range

    Our acrylic furniture range includes some of our bestselling products including acrylic coffee tables & acrylic nested tables. The homeware range includes acrylic photo blocks, cookbook stands, small wine racks and lots more.

    Acrylic monitor stands in frosted finishOur complete range is made by us in the UK – we are committed to UK jobs and manufacturing and export our GB-made products worldwide.  We are able to offer our complete range at genuine ‘direct’ prices. We believe you cannot buy these quality acrylic tables at such affordable prices.

    Don’t forget we always have a range of great value clearance products & don’t forget you can get another 10% off when you join our mailing list.

  • 8 Reasons You Should Invest in Acrylic Furniture

    There are lots of reasons why acrylic furniture is a smart choice and we’ve got eight of them here.

    1.       Your furniture embarrasses you.

    If you are ashamed to bring guests home because you’ve got interior design reminiscent of an episode of ‘Man About The House’ then it’s time to invest in some acrylic furniture. The good news is that it can mix and match with some of your ‘vintage’ items and won’t break the bank.

    Acrylic side table Acrylic side table

    2.       You want a prestigious reception area.

    Looking to impress clients? Want a cool look in your waiting room, reception area or showroom? Then acrylic furniture is the place to start. There are lots of low cost options that can create a really smart look that will say a lot about your brand and your natural good taste.

    3.       You are a student (or the parent of a student)

    Acrylic furniture is the perfect solution for student digs and house shares. It won’t break the grant, is lightweight (so ideal for moving from home to Uni and back again), durable (will last party after party after party) and easy to clean and maintain. With everything from useful monitor risers & laptop stands to acrylic coffee tables, acrylic furniture offers lots of low cost options.

    4.       You want to maximise light

    Acrylic furniture is ideal for making the most of available light so is the perfect range for smaller rooms, hallways and landings, basement living and attic rooms.

    5.       You want to maximise space

    The fact that you can see through plastic furniture gives it the appearance of taking up little to no space – and that means it is the perfect interior solution for smaller rooms – bedrooms and studies for example.

    6.       You love your retro

    If you have a penchant for retro or vintage furniture, then Perspex furniture is the perfect compliment. It looks great alongside selected pieces from eras from 1950s to 1970s and can also look great with furniture from even earlier periods. Let your imagination take control!

    7.       You are furnishing on a budget

    Plastic furniture can be very expensive but it is also incredibly easy to find high quality stylish items that can fit most people’s budgets. High quality acrylic furniture is an investment – it is made to last and, with care, will maintain a ‘just bought’ look for years.

    8.       You love versatility

    Most items of plastic furniture can be used throughout the home. An end table that looks great in the living room can also work as a smart bedside table; a magazine rack moves from the lounge to study where it becomes a smart storage item; an acrylic nest of tables that looks smart in the dining room becomes functional when extra surfaces are needed in the lounge as guests and family arrive.

    acrylic coffee table

  • Monitor Risers On The Up

    Monitor Risers in black acrylicWe manufacture a great range of high quality monitor risers.  Quality meets value with our GB made range of risers for monitors, TVs and laptops.

    Our complete range is made by us here at our West Bromwich base – just another example of our commitment to UK manufacturing. For our customers it means they are certain of buying great quality items at genuine ‘direct from manufacturer’ value.

    Prices start at just £32 – and even less if take advantage of our multi buy bargains.

    Our basic monitor riser range is manufactured from high quality 8mm acrylic. There are five finishes to choose from: white, frosted acrylic, glass effect, clear acrylic and black. These monitor risers are 518mm wide and 130mm high.

    The Premium range starts at just £41 and is GB manufactured from 12mm high quality acrylic, and is currently offered in clear acrylic and stunning black. Again 518mm wide and 130mm high.

    750mm acrylic monitor risers

    Extra wide monitor risers

    With the size of monitors getting bigger and bigger, our Prestige 750mm monitor risers are the ideal space solution. GB made from 12mm high impact acrylic in stunning glass-effect silicon finish, this is designed to look great and built to last.

    And for a funky twist on our designs check out our Union Jack Monitor Risers. Overprinted in the red, white and blue these risers are a great fun gift and a smart way to add some colour to your home, office or home office. Two versions are available and they are again manufactured from high quality 8mm acrylic.

    Why acrylic monitor risers?

    Acrylic is the perfect material for monitor risers. It is shatterproof, durable and easy to clean and maintain. With a range of smart finishes, there is no lack of choose to suit every home or office.

    You can buy these products at genuine direct prices – and you can save even more if you take advantage of our multi-buy discounts. Perfect when refurbishing offices or work spaces, you only need to buy as few as five risers to receive a discount of the cost price – and buy 10 or more on selected ranges and you can save up to 15%

    All items in the range can be purchased online.

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