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We’re Highly Polished after our latest investment.

We’re investing again – this time in the world’s first fully automated polishing machine.

The Bermaq Ami-C diamond edge polisher promises “a perfect high quality finish” for acrylic and similar materials – that’s the kind of language we love.

We use diamond polishing on a range of standard Point-of-Sale retail display products as well as bespoke display and signage items for our clients such as Marks and Spencer, The Arcadia Group, dciArtform and loads of other retailers and retail agencies. The process provides a clean-as-glass finish to acrylic and similar plastics and the Ami-C enables bevels up to 60º lean.

It’s great to see the Bermaq Ami-C up and running. As with all our investment in cutting edge technology, this machine will enable us complete this process more efficiently, faster and to a higher quality – and that’s good news for our growing customer base and great news for UK-manufacturing as it allows us to remain competitive in a global market place.

And less waste is always a great idea and is an element of our ambitious sustainability plans.

For the geeker among you the Bermaq Ami-C offers

  • Working length: 3100mm
  • Maximum thickness: 120mm
  • Cutting depth: from 0.05 to 4mm
  • Maxium feed speed: from 0 to 3.5m/min
  • Total electric power: 5,5kW.
  • Milling angles range: -5º a +60º

This latest purchase cost approx £40,000 and follows our £300,000 investment in the Cutlite Penta Plus LM3020 laser cutting system.