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Acrylic display cube - 7 uses

display acrylic cubeAn acrylic display cube is a smart way to store, sort, display and protect loads of things around the home, office or shop. Here’s a guide to making the most of your acrylic display cube.

1. A memory box

Keep treasured items in your acrylic display cube – all those mementoes and souvenirs of growing up, first loves, family life and treasured friends. It will ensure you don’t lose sentimentally valuable items and become a storehouse of memories you can visit again and again.

2.  A clothes box

An acrylic display cube allows you to show off as well as store your favourite clothes. The tough acrylic means the clothes stay protected but is also on display too – wow your friends with your sartorial elegance and keep your fave clothes handy.

3. A school box

An acrylic display cube is a smart way to keep school and college stuff in one place. It’s the ideal shape for books and papers as well as any other items you need for the best education around such as pens and stationery.

4. A box for magazines

If you want to store favourite magazines and protect them from cold or damp, the acrylic boxes are ideal. You’ll be able to see the magazine spine for easy access but keep them safe and in pristine condition, whether for pleasure or for collecting.

5. A socks box

Space is always tight in modern homes so think outside the box, so to speak. A handy acrylic display cube can be the perfect place for those awkward to store clothes items such as socks, underwear, ties, belts, scarves and lots more.

6. A retail display box

These boxes look very smart as part of your retail display and can be used throughout the store from window to aisle to create a truly eye-catching retail display. And there’s more – because the boxes are made from durable high impact acrylic they are easy to clean and maintain and can be used again and again.

7. A hotel box

These boxes can be used throughout any hotel – scatter them in reception to add interest as well as functionality as they are a great place put down hot drinks, snacks or alcoholic drinks without the need for bulky or expensive tables. Use them in hotel rooms to add style, interest and an additional storage space for your visitors.

Well, those are our ideas. Get any of your own? We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget Wrights Plastics GPX cubes come in just one shape but lots of different sizes and two smart finishes. They can be ordered online today.