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The Four P’s | Choosing the Right A5 Leaflet Holder

If you’re looking for an a5 leaflet holder then you will be faced with many different options to choose from. Here at Wrights GPX, as a leading supplier of PoS solutions (including UK made leaflet holders), we’ve put together a brief guide to helping you choose the right holder every time. We call it ‘The Four P’s’.


Purpose - What is the Purpose of the A5 Leaflet Holder

Do you want your a5 leaflet holder to feature a single leaflet or lots of leaflets? Are you looking to place leaflet holders close to individual products or services? Do you want to use leaflet holders on counter tops, and reception desks? Do you want to create a statement with the holder?

For retailers, we’ve got plastic leaflet holders that can be used across the whole store. With such a broad range of PoS solutions available, you can make the most of all of the space available. For example, walls and cash desks. Our holders can also be placed next to individual products, or ranges, to help enhance sales and promote your services even further. This flexibility will allow you to clearly communicate prices, brand information and relevant content.

For non-retail environments, we’ve got leaflet holders that will help you place important information in front of visitors, members and other users of your services. Our floor standing leaflet holders can be used to display large amounts of leaflets. They are ideal to fill spaces that aren’t often used. If you’re looking to promote something 24/7, you may be interested in our outdoor leaflet holders.


Position - Where Do you Want to Put your A5 Leaflet Holder?

It is vital that leaflets are placed where they are most likely to be seen and picked up. For example, a 50% sale across certain products should be promoted across the store but most importantly, the advertisement needs to be as close to the actual products as possible. Look at your display, and decide where in the store would be most useful to place it. If it’s about certain products, it needs to be near them, so that it can slowly guide the consumer to the actual product itself. However, if your leaflets are about changes to services or opening hours, they need to be located in a place that the consumer is definitely going to be at - such as the reception desk.

There’s unlikely to be just one effective place to host your leaflet holder, so it is worth considering different types of literature holders so that you can market effectively in different locations of the store/building.


Print Size - How Big are your Leaflets?

Brochures and leaflets come in a wide range of sizes with brochures often in  A4 or A5 sizes and leaflets in A5 or A6. Another common size for a leaflet is 1/3 A4 (also known as DL) - this is  the size of an A4 sheet of paper folded twice along the long side. Be mindful that leaflets can also be printed Landscape (long) or Portrait (tall) and you will need a leaflet holder specifically for landscape or portrait print. With a huge range of Slatwall leaflet holders on offer, you’ll be able to pick the perfect holder for your literature.


Price - Looking for Good Value Accessories

It is important to look for value and quality when choosing brochure, leaflet and ticket holders as these will be reflecting the value and quality of your business too. Cheap leaflet holders won’t last long and will need to be replaced - and the finish means the material is often opaque, preventing the leaflets being seen in all their full glory. By using established and quality PoS products from our Slatwall accessories range, you can be sure that you’ll be using reliable, presentable and professional goods each time.  


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