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Slatwall Shelves An ABC Guide

Our ABC guide to helping you make the most of your Slatwall displays. There are literally 100s Slatwall shelves, racks, containers and trays available to purchase – and these will help you boost displays, maximise sales and increase profits
A is for Acrylic
Glass, wooden and metal Slatwall shelves can all be sourced and have a role to play, but the bread & butter Slatwall shelves are manufactured from acrylic. Acrylic has lots of advantages for the retailer: it is lightweight, safe & shatterproof; it is easy to clean & maintain, and it is low cost compared to other materials. This means retailers can buy and store lots of shelves at very little cost. But not all acrylic is created equal; look out for high quality, high impact acrylic as this will last longer & is an investment for the long term.
B is for Bow Fronted
bow fronted slatwall shelvesIdeal for a range of products especially T-shaped items such as cameras, the bow fronted Slatwall shelf is a smart way to add a little extra interest to your display – bringing any product closer to the potential customer.
C is for Cards, Gift Wrap and Stationery
These are high margin products that many retailers, from general traders to specialist independents, can use to add a valuable income stream. But they are also notoriously difficult to display effectively. There are a range of Slatwall options to help: long boxes for rolled gift wrap, gift wrap dispensers and hanging rails for sheets of wrapping paper, ribbon or tag dispensers, and a host of trays, boxes  and containers for a whole range of products and accessories. Now you really can make the most of these ranges with very little investment.
F is for Fashion
Many retailers are adding fashion items to their range such as sweaters, footwear, T-shirts etc. Creating an effective display is essential when marketing fashion items and there is a range of slatfix shelves designed for clothing displays including footwear items to best effect.
G is for General Purpose
general purpose slatwall shelvesThe name doesn’t inspire but there are literally 100s of shelves marked ‘general purpose’ that can be used to display a whole range of products. Every retailer should invest in a range of these general purpose Slatwall shelves. They will help them to display almost any item they have in their range and the variety of sizes means they can mix-and-match to maximum effect.
J is for Jewellery
The growth is jewellery sales never seems to slow. High end jewellers continue to sell their high level ranges in good times or bad. But jewellery is also fun & fashion-related and lots of non-specialist retailers have added ranges of fashion watches, charms, bangles & bracelets to complement their range of clothing, footwear, accessories, handbags and lots more. There are lots of Slatwall shelves designed for jewellery display – ensuring you can make the most of your product ranges.
H is for Hooks
Slatwall hooks are another essential and there is plenty to choose from: different colour finishes and lengths can complement or contrast, add depth and interest to your displays.
I is for Injection Moulded
We won’t get technical but for the buyers injection moulded products are strong and stable and therefore manufactured to last. In addition, the efficiency of the injection moulding process means products offer low cost and less waste than other processes.
O is for Oval
Oval slatwall shelvesOval Slatwall shelves are perfect for lots of products and are used to add some variety to effective retail displays. Available in a range of sizes. Look out also for bow-fronted and semi-circular options.
P is for Panels
Slatwall panels are the very foundation of the Slatwall system. They remain popular with shopfitters and retailers because they are a really cost-effective way of turning a shell into a sales area, and they can maximise the available display space. Low-cost and easy to install, Slatwall will continue to be a popular choice – and Slatwall shelves will continue to develop and expand to meet new products and new marketing ideas.
S is for Sports
slatwall shelvesLike gift wrap (see above) lots of retailers are put off selling sports goods because they can be difficult to display – but there are lots of off-the-shelf (sorry!) solutions that can be used to display everything from footballs to hockey sticks, trainers to tennis rackets.
T is for Ticket Holders
Or Price Holders. Or branding info. Or sales support. It’s up to you how to make the most of the opportunity but in terms Slatwall shelves with ‘ticket holders’ offer a plastic pocket at the front of the shelf that can hold print – use it wisely and use it well to boost sales and brand. The pocket will vary in size.
T is for Two Way
These are another great example of Slatwall shelf versatility. Fixed one way, it offers a handy flat shelf for everyday use; turned the other way, it is now a useful tray or flat shelf with upstand that is brilliant for a whole range of products.  2-for-1 Slatwall shelf value that no shop should be without.
V is for Variety
If you’ve been reading carefully, you’ll know that we believe variety is really important in effective displays. Using size, shape and depth is important and easily achieved; updating and creating new is also easily achievable as acrylic Slatwall shelves are made to last and are great value. So there is no excuse for tired old displays that sap interest and sales.
Z is for Zig Zag
Zig Zag slatwall shelvesDividers on the flat shelf create the zig zag effect – and the zig zig Slatwall shelves are therefore perfect for such items as books, CDS, DVDs etc.

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