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GPX Group Blog

GPX Group Blog

  • LED Window Display range now at less than half price.

    LED window display rangeWe’ve slashed the prices of our last few remaining LED window display frames and LED light pocket frames. These off-the-peg frames are a really easy and low-cost way to create an effective LED window display at a fraction of the cost of most systems. They are ideal for creating an estate agency window display and brilliant for travel agents, recruiters, takeaways & Quick Service Restaurants who want to get noticed 24/7 without busting the budget.

    Buying the LEDMAG window display frame range means:

    • No expensive design costs or 3D modelling
    • No tricky cable display system
    • No specialist electrical installation


    Creating a stunning LED Window Display has never been easier – or cheaper

    Simply choose the most suitable structure(s) & LED light pockets to suit your available window space. Place the frame in position & plug into the nearest available power socket. The system is weighted at the base for increased stability and vacuum cups provide further support and adjustable space between display and window. Add the stunning magnetised LED light frames & see your sales light up.LED window display range from LEDMAG

    These LED window display frames are available in three widths – 500mm, 730mm and 1020mm. (The height is 250mm). Then add the appropriate LED light pockets – see the website for a full list.

    Frames start at just £80 and LED light pocket frames begin at an incredibly low £65.

    The frames and LED panels are Italian-made and combine elegance with durability. LED is energy-efficient and maintenance free. The stunning silvered chrome frames add style to any window display and the quality finish is made to last. The LED light pocket frames provide a bright but subtle light that is designed to get your display noticed 24/7. LED is energy-efficient, long lasting and maintenance free.

    You can order online here or you can call the sales team on 0121 580 3080 today

  • Grab 50% off installation at Mid West Displays this month only

    50 per cent of mid west display installationOur colleagues at Mid West Displays have an unbeatable installation offer this month. To keep their  installation teams busy they are offering 50% off usual installation costs  when you spend £1500 or more this month.

    The offer includes all of their outstanding range LED light panels for interiors and windows including wall mounted and freestanding displays. They make these ranges at their UK manufacturing bases to ensure customers receive the best quality products at unbeatable ‘direct from manufacturer’ prices. They make dozens of different styles, sizes and effects to help customers make the most of all available space both inside and in window space - eye-catching displays that use energy-efficient LED provides a subtle but stunning finish, powering sales 24/7.

    They employ a permanent installation crew, rather than using casual teams. Fitting only Mid West Display products ensures they become expert at installing quickly and with the minimum disruption. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction and many testimonials confirm they are right to feel proud.

    This genuine offer ends 28th April. Orders Mid West Displays receive after this date will be charged their usual installation fees.

    This offer is ideal for

  • estate agents & other property professionals
  • QSRs, takeaways and restaurants
  • Travel agents
  • Shops and retail locations
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  •  How the 50% off installation deal works

    1. Choose your display products via our website or call our sales team on 01743 465531
    2. Min spend (on qualifying products) is £1500+ VAT excluding installation costs
    3. Offer subject to 1-day installation only
    4. Orders must be paid for by 28thApril 4, 2017. You must agree to an installation during May 2017. We will advice on lead time and installation date on payment.
    5. Offer subject to availability. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.
    6. To take up this unbeatable offer visit  or call 01743 465531

  • Buyers Guides offer helpful hints and top tips from point of sale supplier

    buyers guides from point of sale supplierAs a leading UK point of sale supplier, Wrights Plastics GPX offer 1000s of high quality POS and retail display products – and our newly launched Buyers’ Guides are designed to help you choose the right product every time.

    With 1000s of POS products to choose from, we realise making an informed decision can be difficult so our Guides offer practical help in choosing the perfect product. Full of practical tips and helpful advice they are perfect for retailers, hoteliers & caterers, exhibition sector as well as shopfitters and retail designers.

    As well helping you as a step-by-step guide to helping you choose the right product we also offer some helpful aftercare help – and even make your budget stretch even further.

    The first group of buyers’ guides include snap frames buyers guide, brochure holders buyers guide and shelf talkers buyers guide– and we’ll keep adding them throughout the year.

    Help from the UK’s leading point of sale supplier

    We manufacture 90% of our product range ourselves so we are the expert point of sale supplier. Since 1969 we have been working with 100s of customers to supply POS designed to be boost sales and build brand – all at an affordable cost.

    We used this experience to create the guides. With so many products on offer it can appear to be difficult to select the correct product. But by deciding on size, location, cost etc it becomes much easier to make the right choice. And keeping these products well maintained will make them an even better investment.

    And we always have lots of really easy ways to make your budget go further – from 10% off your 1st order to massive bulk-buy discounts.

    The guides can be accessed here

  • Wrights Plastics & Mid West Displays at Euroshop 2017

    Wrights GPX and Mid West Displays enjoyed a successful EuroShop 2017 with hundreds of visitors to our highly rated stand.

    We caught up with some well established clients and met with lots of visitors from across Europe & beyond. Our stand featured some innovative display products including Solid Surface LED panels with an innovative application of vinyl.

    We wish to thank everyone who visited us & to thank the team who worked exceptionally hard over the five days of the show.

  • Choosing an acrylic coffee table

    acrylic coffee tableThere are lots of great reasons to choose an acrylic coffee table. As well as being very much in vogue, there are lots of practical reasons for buying.

    But let’s be clear there are reasons why an acrylic coffee table might not be suitable. If not looked after properly acrylic will scratch so if the coffee table is likely to receive a lot of traffic then more traditional material might be more suitable.

    But as a base for magazines and books etc the acrylic coffee table is a good choice – and in fact might be a safer choice than glass or wood especially if you have younger children. Acrylic is lightweight and shatterproof - perfect for a family room.

    An Acrylic Coffee Table Makes the Most of Light & Space

    Owners will testify to the ability of clear acrylic to make the most of light & space. The tables are perfect for smaller rooms and rooms where light is an issue. They are often the choice for studio apartments or for use in basement rooms, and are a popular choice for offices, reception areas & waiting rooms.

    You can also incorporate the acrylic tables into almost every design scheme. From traditional design looks to vintage-themed layouts as well as minimalist schemes. The tables complement everything from antique furniture to 70s chic. From urban loft living to cosy country cottage, an acrylic table could be the perfect finishing touch.

    And the final reason is value. It is possible to pay £000s for designer tables & furniture but it is also possible to buy a high quality UK-made acrylic coffee table for around about £100. Offering a contemporary design and manufactured from high quality, high impact acrylic these tables are made to last & will be a fixture of any design scheme for many years.

    To help maintain your acrylic coffee table in its best ‘as new’ condition follow these simple rules: can be cleaned with just warm water & a clean non-abrasive cloth. Use only light pressure when cleaning and avoid rubbing grit or dirt into the surface. Although there are some specific cleaning products available online, you should never use window cleaning sprays, ketones, alcohol, solvents or ammonia-based cleaning solutions.

  • HD LED Display Screens prices slashed at Mid West Displays

    HD LED displayMid West Displays, part of the Wrights Plastics GPX group, has slashed the price of dozens of HD LED display screens. Customers can now save up to 22% on these commercial grade digital screens.

    Mid West Displays offer three ranges: Professional range in sizes up to 84”, the tablet style Slimline range and the High Brightness range for maximum impact. Screen sizes range from a flexible 19” to an unmissable 84”. The screens can be used freestanding or mounted and as part of the interior or window display.

    One big advantage of these LED display screens is their ease of use. All three ranges offer Plug and Play functionality –simply plug in a loaded USB stick and see your sales boosting content make it to the big screen. Of course there are plenty of other input options.

    Eco-friendly LED Display Screens that don’t cost the earth

    The Mid West Display ranges offer energy-efficient LED display screens with a host of eco-friendly features such as mercury-free backlight technology & time-controls. The screens are built for 24/7use and have a life span of over 50,000 hours. Support is unparalleled – with a 3 years guarantee and UNLIMITED telephone support. There is even an installation service on offer.

    Over 18 LED screens have been lowered in price by Mid West Displays. Prices start from as low as £369 (+VAT).

    Use LED Display technology to build business & brand

    With prices permanently lowered by up to 22%, the power of LED display is now within reach of all businesses. Using LED technology to promote your business offers many advantages: you can easily create eye-catching messages that stand out from traditional print & these marketing messages can be updated easily to take advantage of price reductions, consumer trends and new product launches.  Deepen customer engagement and build brand & loyalty using the very latest in marketing technology.

  • 6 uses for an acrylic side table

    acrylic side tableAcrylic tables remain ontrend. One reason is their 100% flexibility. Check out our ideas for making the most of an acrylic side table in our latest blog.

    1. Bedside Tables

    Most modern bedrooms demand a sleek, minimal look and an acrylic side table is perfect for that look. However, they are also great for mix-and-matching with more traditional design schemes. Clear acrylic will help you make the most of light and space so make the perfect choice for smaller or light limited rooms. But you’ll also find lots of great colours to complement any bedroom scheme.

    1. Hallway Heroes

    These tables are great for narrow or long hallways that cannot accommodate a larger table. They are great bases for lighting, books, ornaments or plants. Placed in corners they complement any design scheme, or choose a coloured finish such as acrylic side table in black to add some zing and zest to the hall.

    1. Waiting Room & Reception Areas

    Acrylic is lightweight, shatterproof and easy to clean so it is the perfect material when heavy & regular use is likely. Its light maximising qualities also make it ideal when space is limited. All these qualities make acrylic tables ideal for waiting rooms and receptions areas. They are affordable on any budget & immediately add a light modern feel to customer-facing areas.

    1. Acrylic Side Tables for Every Occasion

    There is often a need for extra display or storage space for certain times period such as  Christmas (all that extra food, and presents, and Christmas decorations etc) or for short period such as parties or celebrations, gatherings or ‘get togethers’. Acrylic side tables are the clear solution – lightweight, affordable and very sturdy.

    1. Retail Display

    As a lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass, acrylic tables help create eye-catching retail displays without distracting from the items promoted. They add a contemporary look to window displays, and they are safe to use in even the busiest retail environment.

    1. Plant Stands

    Acrylic is good with water, and an acrylic side table is water resistant and easy to clean. Clear acrylic won’t detract from the beauty of the plants on display & they are lightweight enough to be moved around to be used as a base for stunning flower and plant shows across the house.

  • Acrylic Monitor Stands Flash Sale

    We have a flash sale on selected acrylic monitor stands – but hurry as stocks are limited.

    Prestige acrylic monitor standsThe 12mm glass effect acrylic monitor stands (search: FUR 109) are part of our Premium range and is made from ultra durable and ultra tough 12mm acrylic and offers a realistic glass effect finish. The sale price for the flash sale is £33.54 compared to our usual RRP of £41.04 – a saving of 18% but only 16 remain in stock.

    The frosted acrylic monitor stands(search : FUR108) are made from durable 8mm acrylic with a smart frosted finish. Designed to home or office, the flash sale price is just £25.14 compared to a pre-sale price of £34.50 – a massive 27% saving.

    Acrylic is the modern alternative to glass – lightweight and easy to clean. It is also shatterproof so is the safe alternative for home use.

    Acrylic monitor stands are part of our extensive acrylic homeware range

    Our acrylic furniture range includes some of our bestselling products including acrylic coffee tables & acrylic nested tables. The homeware range includes acrylic photo blocks, cookbook stands, small wine racks and lots more.

    Acrylic monitor stands in frosted finishOur complete range is made by us in the UK – we are committed to UK jobs and manufacturing and export our GB-made products worldwide.  We are able to offer our complete range at genuine ‘direct’ prices. We believe you cannot buy these quality acrylic tables at such affordable prices.

    Don’t forget we always have a range of great value clearance products & don’t forget you can get another 10% off when you join our mailing list.

  • Jewellery Display Ideas

    Check out our jewellery display ideas, designed to help specialist jewellers and general retailers make the most of their jewellery lines – from high end to fun fashion, our tips will help you create eye-catching displays to boost sales and customer loyalty, without busting the budget.

    Jewellery Display Ideas 1 - Be Uniform

    A display that features uniform jewellery display stands can make a big impact. Choose stands of the same size and colour or create regular patterns of the same combinations of stands. Use clear acrylic or white acrylic stands. Perhaps add one touch of non-conformance to draw the eye.

    Jewellery display ideas for uniformity Regularity of layout supports the brand at Pandora

    Jewellery Display Ideas 2 – Be Eclectic

    On the other end of the display spectrum create eclectic and individual displays for each brand or jewellery range. Use a variety of styles – from boho chic to oriental flavours – to create displays that are appropriate for a particular range. Or create displays that suggest appropriate jewellery for different fashions or customer types – jewellery for the exotic, preppy or elegant look. Use mood boards to brainstorm looks, textures and colours.

    Jewellery Display Ideas 3 – Be Brand Aware

    Consumers are increasingly brand aware today so make sure you are. If you are selling well known brands be sure to include as much branding as possible – logos, product photography and aspirational imagery. And if you are selling a lesser known brand, be aware of the branding & display strategies of better known brands. Without outright copying, mirror the layout of their displays and use of branding & imagery to subtly suggest a parallel between the brands in your customers’ minds.


    Jewellery display ideas brand awareness Be brand aware

    Jewellery Display Ideas 4 – Be Adventurous

    There are lots of off-the-shelf jewellery display stands for all product ranges to help you get started or add to your display options. But you should also use your imagination to add non-standard items to incorporate in your displays. Add some organic touches such as driftwood or cork. Use art objects such as picture frames. Utilise textures and fabrics such as lace or silk. Upcycling is very ontrend so incorporate repurposed display cabinets and boxes, etc.

    Jewellery Display Ideas 5 – Be Ontrend

    Whether high end or fun, jewellery ranges are always linked to fashion trends so make sure you are up to date on the latest fashion as well as jewellery trends, and create displays to reflect these trends. If the trend is for pastels, create displays that complement this trend. If the style is for big and bold, go big and go bold. Ensure displays are regularly updated to keep catching the customers’ eye & add style, glamour or wit wherever possible.

  • Making the most of outdoor brochure holders

    Outdoor brochure holders are the low cost way to ensure you keep on marketing & promoting your business even when you are not around.

    We’ve got some great tips to help you make the most of these handy Point of Sale products.

    Who needs outdoor brochure holders?

    Any company, organisation or group who is not open for business 24/7. That includes: shops, community centres, leisure centres, visitor centres, parks and car park, hotels, restaurants, cafes.

    outdoor brochure holder

    What can I use my outdoor brochure holders for?

    These holders are available in most sizes, especially the three main print sizes: A4, A5 and DL (1/3 A4) so you can use them to hold all kinds of print. For shops and restaurants they are brilliant for price lists and promotional brochures. For hotels they can be used to promote special events and add-on services. For community centres they can store local newsletters or events listings. For leisure centres and gyms, they can hold membership forms and details of activities /courses. Estate agents can use them for property guides and service information.

    Good quality outdoor brochure holders will protect your print from great British weather. The very best holders are completely waterproof and all holders will have lids that automatically close after use.

    Where should I put my outdoor brochure holders?

    It seems obvious but always attach them where they can be seen, or where they might expected to be seen. So at eye-level makes the most sense. As they are very low cost, it is usually not costly affordable to use plenty of holders so they can be attached in several places around a building – near to doors and display windows etc.

    You can also increase the effectiveness of your holders by some strategic placement. A restaurant for example might place the holders in locations nearby where there is a good footfall, or competitors. Visitor centres can use the holders across their locations. Make the most of car parks and areas where visitors might gather – picnic areas, smoking dens, bike stores etc. Most of the holders can be attached to posts as well as walls so plan imaginatively.

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